The Valentine’s Day Sweetheart // Book Tag

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure if I have ever done a Valentine’s Day book tag, but if I have I hope it wasn’t this one. But, if it was sorry not sorry. I’ll just be a book tag repeater. This tag was created by Pampered Pages on YouTube. It’s just a fun, bookish tag inspired by one of the most romantic days of the year.

Reese’s hearts all the way! Honestly, as someone that doesn’t enjoy peanut butter it confuses me that I can’t get enough of peanut butter cups. Thus, these have to be my favorite type of Valentine’s Day candy.

Yes! I love me a good adult romcom or young adult romance.

This is hard for me to answer because I do try to read as much romance as I can during February but as a mood reader it’s hard for me to stick with one genre. But, I do generally like to read as many romances that I can in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Let me just say that I’m a happily married women, but if one of my fictional crushes happen to show up at my door the perfect gift would be a love note. I know that’s lame but my love language is words of affirmation.

I have a ton of romances written by the same author. I recently got most of the Chestnut Springs series, I’m only missing one book, and I’m so excited to start it! I have heard that they are just such great, small town! cowboy romances.

The one book that made me sob is ‘Five Feet Apart,’ which is the most heartbreaking and sweet young adult romance. Honestly, it’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s still such a good read. But be prepared to shed a few tears. Maybe more than a few.
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I’m going to be so basic and say Paris. It’s the city of love. I know that’s such a lame answer but it’s on of the places I’ve always wanted to visit.

I feel like I’ve answered this question way too many times, so I’m going with a release that I haven’t mentioned yet. That would be ‘Nothing Like The Movies’ by Lynn Painter. When I found out that ‘Better Than The Movies’ was getting a sequel, I knew that it would most likely be in my top 5 favorite books of the year.

I never remember a lot of my favorite book quotes so I did have to do some digging when it came to this question. I found two quotes that I absolutely adore that I think perfectly describe the feeling of being in love.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” ― Emily Brontë, Withering Heights

“I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you” ― Kiersten White, The Chaos of Stars

After looking at my bookshelf, I believe that I have more books with pink spines than red ones. This kind of makes sense, because most of my romances have more pastel tones for their cover art.

Those are all the questions in this tag, but before you go, let me know in the comments your answers to these questions. Don’t forget to like and share this post with others! As always, follow the blog, so that you never miss a post.

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The January Book Tag // 2024

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Today, I am doing ‘The January’ book tag, which I have done previously. This book tag helps you reflect on your last year’s reading and your reading plans for the year ahead. I am happy to continue my tradition of doing this tag every January.

Funny enough, I remember many, if not all, of my January reading in 2023. The book that I started the year reading was ‘Five Survive’ by Holly Jackson, who is the author of the ‘A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder‘ trilogy. For some reason, I could not remember the last book I read. Let me say that it was a crazy end of the year. After looking at my GoodReads I saw that my final read of 2023 was ‘Secret Santa’ by Andrew Shaffer, which is a short Christmas horror.
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In 2024, the first book I ended up finishing was actually one I started in 2023, which was ‘Lovelight Farms’ by B.K. Borison. I had initially DNFed the book but decided to go ahead and finish it on January 1st. I probably will not be posting my review until November or December of this year, but spoiler alert I was not a fan of it.

I have a whole post on my 2024 reading goals, but my top three are to read my owned TBR, read outside my comfort zone, and one that I did not mention in that post is to finish a few book series. I think that these goals are typical and that I can accomplish them.
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Well, I just so happen to also have a post on my most anticipated releases for the first half of 2024. But, my three most anticipated releases for the entire year would have to be ‘Happily Never After’ by Lynn Painter (March 2024), ‘Wisteria’ by Adalyn Grace (August 2024) and ‘Spectacular’ by Stephanie Garber (October 2024). These are all favorite authors of mine, so naturally, I cannot wait to read their new releases.
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I reached my reading goal last year, which I believe is always an accomplishment. Unfortunately, I did not read much of my physical TBR. However, graphic novels were a pretty big part of my reading last year, and I do not normally read them, so I would call reading out of my comfort zone a success.

Honestly, the first book that came to mind was ‘House of Flame and Shadow’ by Sarah J. Maas (January 2024), which is the third book in her ‘Crescent City’ series. I have no desire to read the book, or anything else written by the author. Her books seem so long, and there are #7 or #8 books in some of her series. This is just too much for me. Needless to say, I will not pick this book up when it is released, and I am okay with that.

I am not sure if I have any reading habits or red flags so to speak that I would like to change this year. I know that is such a lame answer, and I think it’s one I have given in the past to this question. I try not to take reading too seriously because it is some I love to do and makes me happy.

I am not ashamed to admit that I do not keep up with book adaptations. So, I have no idea what is being adapted in 2024. Except for ‘It Ends With Us,’ which will star Blake Lively. However, I am not necessarily excited about that since I probably will not be watching it, because I have never read the book and do not plan to.

Probably joining Bookthreads! I have become so active there and Bookstagram. It has been so fun, and I am glad I discovered it last year. I hope to connect with more bookish people this year and do more buddy reading.

If you are talking about books, I started last year and still need to finish that would be ‘Furyborn’ by Claire Legrand and ‘Book Lovers’ by Emily Henry. But, if you mean 2023 releases I still need to read than the list is probably too long to mention.

Hope that you enjoyed this tag! If you have done it on your blog, let me know in the comments below, so that I can read your post. Feel free to leave a comment with your answers as well. Do not forget to share this post and follow the blog.

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Winter Essentials // Book Tag

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I feel like I have done so many tags this Bookmas. But does that mean I’m going to stop? Nope. Thus, on Bookmas, day 22, I am doing another winter inspired book tag. I saw someone do the ‘Winter Essentials’ book tag on YouTube and thought I should do it as well.

Hear me out, but Holly Chase from ‘The Afterlife of Holly Chase’ by Cynthia Hand isn’t the warmest character at first. This is a young adult retelling of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and let’s just say that Holly can be a real Scrooge. But, her ending character development was fantastic.

I had to think about this for a moment, but in the end I realized that ‘Legends and Lattes’ by Travis Baldree has such unique characters. I have never read a cozy fantasy before, let alone one that follows an orc. It is a great story, with a fun cast of characters.

Honestly, I think that the March family from ‘Little Women’ is amazing. I would love to spend the holidays with them and be one of the March girls. Although, their story is quite sad in some aspects, I still think that they are a wonderful fictional family.

This is easy. ‘Flight 171’ by Amy Christina Parker is simply mind boggling. No hate to you if you enjoyed this book, but I just thought it was so weird. By the end of the book I was left shocked as to what I had read. It’s an interesting story to say the least.

Well two of my sweet bookish friends gifted me books this year. Ashley from OfFictionandFantasy sent me ‘Flawless’ by Elsie Silver and Kathlin sent me ‘Starling House’ by Alix E. Harrow. I feel so blessed to get any gifts, and it was so kind of them both to send me a gift.

The biggest book I have ever read is ‘New Moon’ by Stephanie Meyer, which is the second book in the ‘Twilight’ saga. The book has a total of 563 pages. Personally, I think that is insane, since the plot wasn’t particularly all that fast moving or compelling.

I have no idea, because I try my hardest to keep my books in great condition. But, probably one of my editions of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. Sometimes my mom will find them secondhand and gift them to me, so the condition will vary.

I recently got ‘The Bodyguard’ by Katherine Center, which has a ton of colors on it. I am very excited to read this adult romance, and the cover screams spring time.

The first book that came to mind was ‘The Accident Season’ by Moïra Fowley-Doyle. This book was trying to do too much, and it didn’t work for me. There was magic, mystery, ghosts, and romance. The plot wasn’t fleshed out enough to make the story work.

I don’t feel like I can answer this question, because I have way too many favorite characters. However, I will say that one of my favorites is Blythe Hawthorne from the ‘Belladonna’ series, by Adalyn Grace. I was a big fan of hers in the first book, but I fell even more in love with her character in book two.

I don’t reread many books every year, but one that I always reread is ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. I feel like a broken record since I have mentioned this book a lot, but it’s one of the only books that I reread every year.

Lastly, you can tag anyone to this post, so I want to tag all my fellow book lovers. You can leave your answers in the comments, or do this tag on your own bookish platform. Don’t forget to follow the blog, so that you never miss a post!

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This Or That // Holiday Edition

Hi Friends,
Today is Bookmas, day 17! I’m doing my own little version of a holiday ‘This or That’ tag. I found some holiday ‘This or That’ questions on Pinterest, and thought I’d turn it into a little tag. As you know, I love doing tag posts, whether they are bookish or not.

Build A Snowman or Make A Snow Angel
I’ve actually done both of these in my life, but I’m going to have to go with build a snowman. I think it’s way more fun and less risk of catching a cold than making a snow Angel.

Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider
This one is hard, because they are both so tasty. However, I have been loving hot chocolate this holiday season. It seems that in the winter time, my night isn’t complete without a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Gingerbread or Peppermint
Hear me out, I’m a peppermint girl, through and through, but during the holidays give me all the gingerbread flavored stuff. Thus, I’m saying gingerbread (but I still do love peppermint everything).

Skiing or Ice Skating
Unfortunately, I have never been skiing, but I would like to. I did take ice skating lessons for a short period of time when I was a teenager. Fun fact – one of my favorite movies use to be ‘Ice Princess’, so of course I’m going to have to say ice skating. For nostalgia.

Clear Lights or Colorful Lights
I love the look of clear lights, because they are very clean and simplistic. But, I think that colorful lights scream the holidays, which is why they would be my pick.

Cookie Decorating or Gingerbread House Making
Every year my family does a gingerbread house making competition, but we also make and decorate cookies. There are pros and cons to both, but despite the fact that you can’t eat a gingerbread house (I guess it depends on the freshness), I still would rather make one than decorate cookies. I know, I’m strange.

Heated Blanket or Cozy Fireplace
Unfortunately, I don’t have a fireplace in my house, but I use to in my first apartment. Although, I love a good heated blanket, nothing beat a fireplace. For me they are timeless, beautiful, and classy.

Home For The Holidays or Traveling
This one is hard, because I would give anything to spend the holidays in New York, or England. However, there is just something special about spending the holidays at home with family. So, traveling during the winter season, but I’d rather be home on the actual holiday.

Christmas Movies or Christmas Carols
This is probably one of the hardest questions, because I love them both. But, I’m truly a music lover. I am going to have to say Christmas carols. I could fall asleep listening to Silent Night, and be content.

Christmas or New Year
This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but as much as I love Christmas, I’m a New Year’s girl. My favorite day of the year is New Year’s Eve because you have a whole new year full of new possibilities to look forward to.

There you have my holiday ‘This or That’ tag. Feel free to do this on your own blog, and please let me know if you do. I would love to see all of your answers. As always, you can show your support for my blog by giving it a follow.

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“Do I Have That Book” Challenge!

Hi Friends,
I thought that for day 9 of Bookmas it would be fun to do the ‘Do I Have That Book Challenge.’ This is a popular YouTube tag and I believe originally you were supposed to set a 60 second timer and try to find a book on your shelf that fit the question. However, I’m doing a book blogger take on the tag by eliminating the timer aspect.

Like most readers I’m not a fan of deckled edges, but my edition of ‘Speak’ by Laurie Halse Anderson does happen to have deckled edges. Funny, enough I instantly knew this book had them and I got this copy years ago. Probably when I first started becoming a reader.

I had a few books I could have choose for this and I went with an unlikely choice. This book has three silhouettes on the cover, but I’m still counting them as three people. Also, who doesn’t love the Sanderson sisters? And, just a quick note the sequel in this book isn’t anything like Disney+ ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ film.

Yep. ‘Geekerella’ is a Cinderella retelling. Honestly, this series of companion novels weren’t my favorite, but I enjoyed this book. It was a fun twist on the Cinderella story and the romance was really cute.

It took me a while to find a book with exactly ten letters in the title, but I ended up finding ‘Splintered’ by by A.G. Howard. This is the first book in an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ retelling series. This series is very old and use to be talked about a lot in the book community. I have yet to start it, but hop to pick it up relatively soon.

This was surprisingly easy to find, ‘Two Can Keep A Secret’ by Karen M. McManus starts and ends with the letter T. This is a YA thriller that I didn’t love, still it works for this prompt so I’m happy.

I only have one ‘The Time Keeper’ by Mitch Albom. I don’t know why I have this book, yet I can only assume it is because I read a lot of his books early on in my reading journey. Have I read this book. Nope. Do I know what it’s about. Nope.

Mary Poppins‘ by P.L. Travers! The authors actual name is Pamela Lyndon Travers. I have a few other books by authors using a pen name but this was the first one that came to mind.

Anna and the French Kiss‘ by Stephanie Perkins, which happens to be one of the first YA contemporary trilogy, of sorts, that I read. It is such a cute YA romance set in France. I still love this book even though I haven’t read it in years. Maybe, a reread is in order here.

Nope! I looked through practically every book on my shelf and couldn’t find a single book containing not only two but let alone one map. Probably, because fantasy isn’t a genre I typically buy. However, that is changing so I might have a book that meets this prompt in the future. But, as of today I do not.

I feel like every book these days is turning into a TV show or movie, so I have quite a few. Such as ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ trilogy by Jenny Han that was turned into an Amazon Prime original show. I still need to watch the whole series, yet the first episode was really good. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think the series might be better than the books. Yeah, I said it don’t come for me.

Yep! I have ‘Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You‘ by Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on Supernatural. This is a poetry book that he released and I also believe that I have his cookbook. A little known fact is that he is my soulmate we just haven’t met yet. Don’t worry my husband is cool with it.

This is another one that I’m surprised I don’t have in my collection. You’d think more books would have clocks on the cover. I do want ‘The Toymaker’s Apprentice‘ by Sherri L. Smith, which does have a clock on the cover. However, as of now I don’t own any books that fit this prompt.

I’m going to do a shameless self promo and say ‘Convenient Interruptions‘ by ME! If you don’t know I released a poetry collection that you can buy on amazon and read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

I’m the type of person that hates any type of sticker or stamp on a book cover, but I did have a copy of ‘The Graveyard Book‘ by Neil Gaiman that I bought from Half-Priced Books. It has an award stamp on the cover, because it won the John Newbery Medal. However, I unhauled the book so I don’t actually have a book for this question.

Technically, I do since I mentioned that I have a copy of my own book. However, if we are speaking about books not written by yours truly than no. I think my initials NE, or maiden name initials NT, are pretty uncommon.

I own a few books of short stories such as ‘Blackout‘ by Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon. This is a collection of interlocking short stories about black teens.

Nope! I either have books that are under 400 pages or over 510 pages, which is pretty weird if you ask me. I’m not usually someone that will read a long book, so it makes sense that all my books are relatively short. Yet, I do have some that contain up to 550 pages and that’s a little intimidating to say the least.

One of my all time favorite books ‘Five Feet Apart‘ by Mikki Daughtry, Rachael Lippincott, and Tobias Iaconis was turned into a film. In my opinion, the movie is just as good as the book and I recommend them both if you like heartbreaking young adult romances.

I’ve bought a lot of graphic novels with in the last year. My most recent graphic novel purchase was ‘Squad‘ by Maggie Tokuda-Hall, which is a sapphic horror about a group of werewolves.

A Secret Princess‘ by Margaret Stohl and Melissa de la Cruz is a YA retelling of ‘A Little Princess’ and ‘The Secret Garden’. And, obviously it’s written by two wonderful young adult authors.

There you have the ‘Do I Have That Book’ book tag challenge! It was very interesting going through my book shelf to find books that correlate with each prompt. In the comments, let me know how many prompts you can complete with the books on your selves. Don’t forget to hit the follow button for more bookish content.

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Christmas Songs // Book Tag

Hi Friends,
Today, for day 8 of Bookmas, I’m going to be doing the ‘Christmas Songs’ Book Tag created by That Artsy Reader Girl. I have never done this tag before, which made it even more fun to do.

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This was easy, because my favorite book couple is probably Liz and Wes from ‘Better Than The Movies’ by Lynn Painter. I love their dynamic and love story.

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The first book that comes to mind is ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ by Eiko Kadono, since she leaves home in the beginning of the book. It’s such a fast read that was really cute. And, I’m sure the anime film adaptation is just as good.

As a kid, I loved ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ by Dr. Seuss. It still holds a special place in my heart.

I have too many on my list, so I’d really love any book. I have an Amazon wishlist that has a ton of books that I would love to get on Christmas.

I’m a baby when it comes to books, and I’ll cry at a lot of them. Most recently ‘Serpent and the Wings of Night’ by Carissa Broadbent made me ugly cry.

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Anything that embodies a Hallmark movie! I’m all about a good plot, but a little bit of cheesy romance. The one that I always recommend is ‘The Holiday Swap’ by Maggie Knox, because I can definitely see it being a Hallmark movie one day.

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I’m going to talk about the ‘Caraval’ trilogy by Stephanie Garber, because to me all the book were very well done. However, my favorite is ‘Caraval’, which is the first book. In my opinion, it was a great start to the trilogy.

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Four, from ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth because I’m into the brooding, serious, and misunderstood type, with a heart of gold. I think it would make for an interesting snow day.

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Sadly, ‘One Of Us Is Back’ by Karen M. McManus wasn’t my favorite book. I still enjoyed it, but as the ending to a great YA thriller trilogy it was a letdown.

I’m so excited for ‘Happily Never After’ by Lynn Painter! It’s an adult romance about two love cynics, and I cannot wait to read it. The release date is set for March of 2024.

I think that all the questions were very creative, and I can see myself doing this tag again next year. In the comments, let me know you answers to these questions. Don’t forget that you can always follow the blog, to ensure that you never miss a post.

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Thanksgiving // Book Tag

Hi Friends,
It is time for another seasonal book tag! I am going to be doing the ‘Thanksgiving’ Book Tag, created by Madison Goodyear on YouTube. This tag is filled with bookish Thanksgiving related questions, and I hope that you enjoy it.

I really had to think about this question, because it is hard to recommend a book that everyone would probably enjoy. However, I decided that ‘The Seven Year Slip’ by Ashley Poston would probably be liked by many readers. This is an adult romance with a magical realism element, so I believe that even fantasy readers will be fans of this plot.

I will forever say that ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens is a must read for everyone. It is my favorite book, and I have talked about it a lot on my blog. Therefore, I will never stop recommending it to others.

Something that I can’t get enough of when it comes to books would probably have to be a romance. I know that it is so lame and basic, but I love a good romance plot. Whether I am reading a fantasy, contemporary, or thriller, I do not mind there being a little bit of romance added into the story. However, it has to be done correctly and make sense with the plot.

For me, a palate cleanser book is rereading an old favorite book. After months of reading new books, it is always nice to go back to a story you know and love. Therefore, my perfect palate cleanser book would have to be ‘Better Than The Movies’ by Lynn Painter. This book is perfect!
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I am going to say, ‘How to Survive Your Murder’ by Danielle Valentine, although this book does not actually look gross, but more cheesy. Despite being cheesy and unrealistic, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found it to be a fun, campy, young adult slasher, perfect for the spooky season.
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This is not only a comfort read for me but also a comfort movie, ‘Little Women,’ by Louisa May Alcott. It is such a wholesome read that it is all about family, loss, and love. Honestly, if you have never read the book or see any film adaptions, you are truly missing out.
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I am not going to pick one book for this prompt but an author. Katee Roberts writes some shall I say more adult steamy books that I just cannot seem to get enough of. I do not review the more mature books that I read on the blog, but let me just say – if you are looking to get into the erotic genre, then pick up one of her books.

I received ‘Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: A Book-to-Table Classic’ as a gift, and it is a stunning book. The book contains the classic story but with recipes included throughout the book. I tried reading Jane Austen before, and she was not for me. However, this edition is too pretty not to have in my collection, so it is completely there for looks.

This question was difficult to answer because I was not sure there were any books I had read but liked better when rereading. However, I realized that the first time I read ‘The Afterlife of Holly Chase’ by Cynthia Hand, in 2018, I gave it only 3 stars. However, in 2021, I reread this and fell completely in love with the book. It has become a must read for me during every holiday season.
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I had two options for this question, but the first one that came to mind was ‘The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue’ by V.E. Schwab. This book had a great plot, beautiful writing, and interesting characters, but needed to be at least 100 pages shorter.
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I am not going to lie. I instantly knew that ‘Not a Happy Family’ by Shari Lapena would be the perfect answer to this question. It is a mystery thriller; therefore, there are some twists and turns, but it mainly has a ton of family drama. If you are looking for an adult mystery with a complicated family, then this is the book for you.

In 2024, when it comes to reading, I look forward to reading more books off my physical TBR. In addition, I am hoping to read books by some authors I have never read before. I have many reading plans for the new year; therefore, these are only two of my goals.

This tag was so fun that I would love it if you left your answers in the comments below. Do not forget that you can help my blog grow by giving it a follow before you leave.

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Halloween Tag // Toss-Up Tuesday

Hi Friends,
Happy Halloween! Today, I am going to be doing the “Halloween Tag” this lifestyle tag was created years ago, 2011 to be exact, by some popular YouTubers at the time. I have been wanting to do a Halloween tag for a while and what better day to post one than the holiday itself.

I know that this film does not take place on Halloween, but lets face it most of us probably watch it in October. My husband and I always celebrate our anniversary, which just so happens to be October 31st, by watching a movie about marriage. Therefore, probably for this reason alone makes it my favorite Halloween film, but it is also a great movie with wonderful songs.

Do people actually remember when they stopped going trick-or-treating? Because, my 31 year old self does not. Honestly, it was probably by the time that I was 10 or 11 years old. I am the youngest out of five, so when my older siblings stopped caring to trick-or-treat, I probably did too.

This is going to be very basic but my favorite costume is going to have to be Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” I did not have a huge wedding, but I and my husband got married on Halloween dressed as Jack and Sally from the movie. Three years later, I still have my Sally dress.

We usually just stay in on Halloween. I am going to stay in my pjs, read, and watch movies. So, no dressing up for me. However, if I were to dress up, I would go as Lydia Deetz (from ‘Beetlejuice’) in the red wedding dress.

Nope! I am 100% a horror movie girlie, but I have no desire to put myself in a scary situation, despite it being all for fun. I like to keep my hauntings in book and movie form.

This is difficult because both are awesome. However, I am going to say, vampires. I love me a good vampire story, and I find vampires to be way sexier than werewolves. Even though my husband likes to joke, the werewolves never wear shirts.

I do have a sweet tooth, but Reese’s are probably my favorite candy. I actually do not like peanut butter at all, except in a Reese’s. If I got to choose two candies my second would for sure be Sour Patch Kids, which I think everyone loves.

Of course! I admit that I am not the best decorator, but I do love, putting up a few Halloween decorations. I think decorating makes holidays come to life a little more.

My least favorite costume, which is also the one I have the most memories of, is The Statue Of Liberty. Not only was I just wrapped in sliver fabric, but my third-grade teacher was also The Statue Of Liberty. My 8 year old self was very embarrassed, and I looked like I was a left over wrapped in foil.

I know that I was a witch a few times, but I remember being Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” twice. Many of our costumes were homemade, but my mom actually bought my Belle dress from the Disney store, and I was obsessed with it.

Yes! I think that if you do not believe in ghosts, you are being closed-minded. Sometimes, seeing is not always believing. Sometimes you just have to believe in the unknown.

I have no idea what this means because my Halloweens have been pretty normal. I have never had a traumatic or scary Halloween. I am grateful for this to be the case.

This tag was so fun to do, and I tag anyone who would like to do it. I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween. Please celebrate the holiday by giving my blog a follow.

Until The Next Chapter,

54321 // Book Tag

Hi Friends,
I came across the ‘54321’ book tag a while ago on the book blog ‘Amy Leigh Reads‘ and thought that it would be a fun quick tag to do. I am not going to give much context to my answers, but if you have been following my blog for sometime, they’re pretty self-explanatory.

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End Of The Year 2023 // Book Tag

Hi Friends,
Last year, I posted a video doing the ‘End Of The Year’ book tag, so I thought I should make it a yearly tradition. Just as I am a seasonal reader, I love a good seasonal tag too!

I have been reading ‘Furyborn’ by Claire Legrand since March, and I am only 50% into the book. This is an adult fantasy that is interesting, but I do not ever seem to be in the mood to read it. The book follows two female characters in different worlds, or possibly timelines, honestly, I am a bit confused. However, my main issue is that I am liking one of the characters’ storylines much more than the other. Still, I would like to finish it by the end of the year.

I read ‘Coraline‘ every October because it is the perfect spooky middle-grade read for fall. I love how fast-paced it is. and the fact that it is creepy, but not scary. The writing is so good and the animated film adaptation is one of my favorite fall movies as well.
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Last winter, I read ‘A Merry Little Meet Cute’ by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone, which was my first baby step into the world of smutty books. So, when I heard there was a companion novel being released on October 10th, titled ‘A Holly Jolly Ever After,’ I was excited! It is definitely a new release at the top of my TBR.
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I want to complete the book series that I have started. My focus is on trying to finish a duology or two because I only have one book left to read. I have been wanting to read the sequel to ‘These Violent Delights‘ for a while and ‘A Magic Steeped in Poison‘ is another duology I should be able to complete soon. I would also like to see what all the hype around ‘Fourth Wing’ by Rebecca Yarros is about. Especially, since I have already pre-ordered the sequel that comes out in November.
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If I find myself able to pick up ‘Once Upon A Broken Heart’ by Stephanie Garber, it could be my favorite book of the year. This is a 5 star book prediction. I am a huge fan of the ‘Caraval’ series by this author, and I hear that it is even better.
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Although I am a huge planner, I usually save making my reading plans for the next year until December. I have some goals I would like to accomplish. but I have not actually begun to make plans.

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