Foxglove // Book Review

About The Book
A duke has been murdered. The lord of Thorn Grove has been framed. And Fate, the elusive brother of Death, has taken up residence in a sumptuous palace nearby. Signa and her cousin Blythe are certain that Fate can save Elijah Hawthorne from wrongful imprisonment. But the more time they spend with him, the more frightening their reality becomes as Signa exhibits dramatic new powers that link her to Fate’s past.
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My Rating

If you are looking for a romantasy book series, then this is a perfect read. Since this is the sequel to ‘Belladonna, ’ I am going to try and not spoil too much of the first book. However, this review may contain a few spoilers. The sequel beings right where the first book left off with the duke having been murdered, and Elijah Hawthorne being accused of that murder.

We are immediately introduced to Fate, who is apparently the brother of Death. For years, Fate has been searching for the love of his life, which happens to be Life. He believes that Signa is a reincarnation of Life. However, Signa is hopeless in love and devoted to death. Therefore, in addition to trying to clear Elijah’s name, she deals with Fate trying to win her heart and keep her away from her love, Death.

This time, we also get Blythe’s pov, which I loved. She quickly became my favorite character throughout the book. She is determined to prove her father’s innocence and is still curious about her brother’s disappearance. And let me just say the enemies-to-potential lovers vibe that her and Fate were giving was amazing. I ship them even more than I do Death and Signa, but what can I say I am all about enemies-to-lovers relationships.

The book was so well written, and you got sucked into the story in the first chapter. I could not put the book down and had to know what was going to happen next. I love the magical elements of this book and the fact that we learned more about Signa’s parents. In the first book, she was just discovering her powers, but in this one, she really owns them.

“You may have reign over the dead and dying, but let’s not forget that it’s my hand that controls the fates of the living.”

As mentioned earlier, Blythe was a force of nature in the book. She was smart and cunning, which is a part of her personality that we had not seen before. It made me happy that the author chose to include her perspective in this book, especially since she was important to the plot of the first book. However, it is great that this is a fantasy romance that follows two smart, strong, and magical female characters.

The end was incredible and welldone. It set up the third book perfectly, and now, I cannot wait for it to be released. However, I did see exactly where the plot was going in the first few chapters of the book. However, I am not made about that since I was really hoping for that outcome and I am glad that the author went the route she did.

Overall, this series hooked me, and I think my love for it will continue to grow. If you are not a fantasy reader or do not like romance, you will probably not love the series. However, I still think that this is a wonderful gothic fantasy with romance. However, it could have used a bit more spice, but this is just my opinion.

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As Sung By Taylor // Book Recommendations

Hi Friends,
You might not know this, but I am a Swiftie! And since I could not manage to get tickets to The Eras tour, I thought I would do the next best thing. Sure, to non-readers, this might not be the next best thing, but I thought it would be fun to share some book recommendations based on some Taylor songs.

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“But you’re untouchable, burning brighter than the sun
Now that you’re close I feel like coming undone
In the middle of the night, when I’m in this dream
It’s like a million little stars spelling out your name
You gotta come on, come on
Say that we’ll be together
Come on, come on
Oh, oh, oh”

“And it’s like snow at the beach
Weird but fuckin’ beautiful
Flying in a dream, stars by the pocketful
You wanting me tonight feels impossible
But it’s comin’ down, no sound, it’s all around
Like snow on the beach
Like snow on the beach
Like snow on the beach
Like snow, oh, oh oh”

“I’d be a fearless leader
I’d be an alpha type
When everyone believes ya
What’s that like?
I’m so sick of running as fast as I can
Wondering if I’d get there quicker
If I was a man
And I’m so sick of them coming at me again
‘Cause if I was a man
Then I’d be the man
I’d be the man
I’d be the man”

“I’ve grown accustomed to sleepin’ alone
Still, I know that all it takes is to get it right
Just one time, just one time
All I know is this could either break my heart or bring it back to life
Got a feelin’ your electric touch could fill this ghost town up with life
And I want you now, wanna need you forever
In the heat of your electric touch”

Keep in mind that these are just my opinions, and I think that each of these songs compliments the book really well. In the comments, let me know which Taylor album is your favorite. I will forever be a Red girl! Do not forget to hit the follow, but before you leave.

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Belladonna // Book Review

About The Book
A gothic romance following a girl with Death constantly hovering nearby, Belladonna is the gripping story full of wealth, desire, and betrayal that will sweep readers up in its haunting tale from the very beginning! New York Times bestselling author Adalyn Grace brings to life a highly romantic, Gothic-infused world of wealth, desire, and betrayal.
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My Rating

The thing that appealed to me about this book was the title, because I happened to play the role of Belladonna in my college production of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. So, you could say the name holds a special place in my heart. But, other than the book title, and that it was a YA fantasy, I knew nothing about the book.

The main character is Signa, an orphan, who has spent her whole life being shipped off to relative after relative. She’s also sees death. Picture  along the lines of the Angel of Death. When she arrives at Throne Grove, she starts seeing spirits, and discovers hidden powers within her.

Signa was problem my least favorite thing about the book. I found her to be a little annoying at times. Early in her life, she learned that if she poisoned herself, the poison doesn’t affect her, but death will come to her. What was so annoying was her ability to blame death for all her problems. She accused him of always following her, when she was literally poisoning herself to see him.

Other than the main character being a 7 out of 10, I loved the book. The plot was fascinating and very gothic inspired. There were a few good twists, and even a love triangle, consisting of involving Signa, Death, and a stable boy. But let’s get real, this was more of a Bella, Edward and Jacob love triangle in which there’s not really any competition.

“Do not change the parts of yourself that you like to make others comfortable. Do not try to mold yourself to fit the standards someone else has set for us.”

Death was sexy as hell, no pun intended. He was dangerous, charming, smooth, and kind. Honestly, I’d poison myself if I knew I wouldn’t die to see him as well. The romance aspect was on point, and their relationship was awesome. Not too smutty, but hot. I was here for those little steamy moment’s between Signa and Death.

The ending of the book was incredible, and it will make you want to pick up the next book immediately. I loved how everything was wrapped up. The twist was great, and I can’t wait to continue on with the series. Adalyn Grace knows how to write a fantasy/romance for sure. However, despite my love for the book, the main character’s flaws kept it from being a 5 star.

Overall, I highly recommend this book – especially if you enjoyed the ‘Kingdom Of The Wicked’ series. I chose not to continue on with that series, but in my opinion this book has very similar vibes. One thing to note, there aren’t a lot of triggering topic but you should definitely check on them before jumping into the book.

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