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Today, I want to do a guide to spooky season reading! I know that during the fall, readers want to read all the seasonal and spooky books, but there is not enough time to get to them all. So, I wanted to share the books I think you absolutely need to read during the spooky season.

Long Live The Pumpkin Queen‘ by Shea Ernshaw: Yes, I know that this is technically categorized as young adult, but I think it fits the middle grade genre much more. This is a Nightmare Before Christmas’ sort-of-retelling that follows Sally in her new role as the Pumpkin Queen. This is a great Halloween read, and it is a fun new take on a beloved film.
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Coraline‘ by Neil Gaiman: Honestly, I feel like this is the number one book that I’m always recommending for fall time, seeing as it’s a quick read that is eerie but not scary. I love the plot of Coraline, and it is a great read for anyone looking to get into the fall mood.
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How to Survive Your Murder‘ by Danielle Valentine: If you are a fan of slasher movies and the final girl trope, then this is the perfect read for you! It is an entertaining read that gives off classic slasher movie vibes. This book is ‘Scream’ meets ‘Totally Killer’–do I really need to say anything else?
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Clown In A Cornfield‘ by Adam Cesare: I think a lot of people would enjoy this book, because it gives old time cheesy horror feels. The title says it all; the book has to do with a killer clown. There’s a lot more to this book than just gore, which I think is a nice added element of the book. However, at its core, it remains a fun slasher story.

Mexican Gothic‘ by Silvia Moreno-Garcia: This book is part haunted house and part possession. It is a great autumn read that will give you chills. This is one that might keep you up at night. If you are a fan of Edgar Allen Poe, I can see you really enjoying this book.
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Delicate Condition‘ by Danielle Valentine: I’m not sure if this book will seem like a fall read to many readers, but the ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ similarities make it a great spooky season read. The difference is that this is a horror story with an IVF component. The descriptions in this book are unsettling, and the supernatural aspects make the story binge-able. It is such a quick and creepy read, but might not want to pick it up if you are expecting.
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There you have it, some spooky reads for the spookiest time of the year. In the comments, leave me with some creepy book recommendations. Do not forget to give the blog a follow before you go.

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Mexican Gothic // Book Review

About The Book
Something sinister is brewing beneath an isolated mansion in the Mexican countryside, and an ancient evil is about to be exposed. From the author of Gods of Jade and Shadow comes “a terrifying twist on classic gothic horror” (Kirkus Reviews) set in glamorous 1950s Mexico. With callbacks to classics like Rebecca, Jane Eyre and The Haunting of Hill House, Moreno-Garcia proves that she is just as consumed by stories of haunted houses as we are in this new gothic horror with a twist.
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My Rating

I’m not exactly sure how to describe this book, but I will say that it was a gripping read. In the book, we follow Noemi whose family receives a letter from her newly married cousin. A letter requesting help. Noemi is basically sent to rescue her cousin from her new family, but this rescue mission is proving to be more complex than she originally thought it would be.

This book was eerie and gothic inspired. As a main character, Noemi was confident and strong despite other regarding her as just a common socialite and a bit flighty. I liked that not only could she be that high society girl, but she also has a good head on her shoulders. And, let me just say, the sprinkle of romance added into this mainly gothic suspense was very well done and a nice touch.

If you are looking for a fast-paced plot, this book has you covered! Also, I love when books give off movie vibes, which is another thing Silvia Moreno-Garcia perfected with this book. Speaking of Silvia Moreno-Garcia, her writing is fantastic. The book was very easy to get sucked into, and often, that stems from the writing.

“We thought monsters and ghosts were found in books, but they’re real, you know?”

As I mentioned before, the story was super interesting. Which, in a way, shocked me. I had heard good things about this book, but I hadn’t read a lo,t if any, gothic style thrillers, so I was unsure of what to expect. Nevertheless, I found myself unable to put the book down. I will say that the book is far more creepy than it is actually scary, if that makes any sense.

The major con I have with book was that there was a lot going on. I had to go back and reread chapters, because I wasn’t sure what exactly was happening. However, some people might think that’s a good thing, when it comes to a thriller book. Sadly, I’m not one of those people.

Overall, I enjoyed the ride that the book took me on. I was shocked a lot of the time, and despite the fact that ending left me confused, I would still recommend this book to other thriller readers. Also, I don’t know if this is just me, but the ending gave me major ‘The Nun’ movie flashbacks.

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