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Hi Friends,
Today I wanted to talk about some books I am hoping to re-read. As book lovers, we tend to forget about those ‘old favorites’ of ours. We are quick to buy up the newest releases, and sometimes forget to go back and read our first book loves. Or perhaps we need a refresher of a book series before we can move on to the rest of the books. I, too, am guilty of not re-reading, but hopefully that will change.

1) ‘Caraval’ by Stephanie Garber: This is a fantasy novel about two sisters, magic, and more. The book was filled with lots of twists and turns, but sadly I can’t even remember half of what I read. The ending is a mystery to me. However, I would like to read the final two books in the trilogy. But I need to re-read Caraval before that can happen.

2) ‘The Afterlife of Holly Chase’ by Cynthia Hand: Every holiday season, I read A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. This is a young adult retelling of this classic, so I thought it would be fun to re-read it every year at Christmas as well.

3) ‘The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants’ by Ann Brashares: I have read all four books in the series, but never picked up the 5th book that was released in 2011. I want to re-read this entire book series before reading the last book. Now that I am an adult, I would like to know if my thoughts on the books have changed. I’m predicting a cringe-worthy reading experience.

This was a shorter post then I originally thought it would be, but I guess don’t have a ton of books I would like to re-read. I will probably think of more after this is posted, but that is typically how my brain works. Please like and share this post, and follow my lovely book blog.

Until The Next Chapter,

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Heidi Bruaw
Heidi Bruaw
2 years ago

I like the idea of re-reading books! I don’t tend to do that, but why not? It would be fun to read “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” again. I didn’t know there was a fifth one so I will have to look for it too. Maybe I will read them all over too! Thank you for the idea!