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About The Book
Sophie wants to call off her wedding after discovering her fiancé’s infidelity but fears repercussions from her father-in-law. Enter Max, a wedding objector for hire who prevents doomed marriages. They develop a fun partnership, and despite their cynicism about love, their chemistry grows undeniable. When Sophie is hired to object to the wedding of Max’s ex, they must confront their true feelings.
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My Rating

The synopsis had me thinking I’d really enjoy this book, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me. That said, it’s not a bad book at all—just not particularly special or entertaining. The story is quite original, but also fairly predictable. Normally, that’s not a deal-breaker, but I wasn’t a fan of the characters’ outlook on love.

The story follows Sophie and Max. They meet when Max is hired to object to Sophie’s wedding. Max is a semi-professional objector, saving people from disastrous marriages. Sophie and Max soon form an objector partnership and a friendship. Unfortunately, I didn’t love the objector aspect of the book as much as I thought I would. As a romantic at heart, it pains me to think people need to hire someone to get out of their wedding.

Sophie is a workaholic with strong opinions on love. I didn’t love her negative views on relationships, but they did make sense for her character. Max, on the other hand, was fantastic. Although he shared some of Sophie’s skepticism about true love, he was much less cynical. They balanced each other well, and it’s very much a “he falls first” type of romance.

“How can you ever be sure you’ve found the one ‘true love’ of your life when you haven’t even met one percent of the people on the earth?”

This is a relatively clean romance, though not entirely closed-door. The steamy scenes are not super descriptive, so I’d call it slightly open-door. If you’re not into a lot of explicit scenes, you’re safe with this one. However, infidelity is mentioned throughout, so keep that in mind if it’s a sensitive topic for you.

The writing style wasn’t my favorite. This surprised me because Lynn Painter has written one of my all-time favorite YA books. Yet, this one felt a bit slow. The chapters are short, but it had a Netflix romcom vibe that didn’t quite resonate with me. However, the author did a good job balancing character and plot development.

Overall, this book didn’t stand out for me, but I’d still recommend it for a quick read. It’s a good pick for those reading slump days. Maybe my hopeless romantic heart influenced my feelings about this book, so take this review, like all my reviews, with a grain of salt.

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