June 2024 // To Be Read

Hi Friends,
Today, I’m sharing my June TBR, and I couldn’t be more excited! June is my birthday month, so I’ve come up with a special way to choose my TBR using a ‘Roll The Dice’ game. The game is pretty simple: I use a six-sided die, roll it once to determine the column, and roll it again to find the row and prompt. I hope that makes sense. As usual, I’m picking five prompts, but to make things more interesting, if I roll the same number three times, I’ll add an extra roll. This rule only applies once, so I’ll never have more than six books on my TBR.

For this prompt, I chose ‘Bunny’ by Mona Awad. I’m both excited and nervous to read this book because I have such high expectations for it. It will be devastating if I don’t enjoy it, but maybe I’m being too dramatic.

This prompt means I have to scroll through Instagram (Bookstagram) and read the first book I see that I own. The first picture I saw that included a book on my physical TBR was shared by wallflower.bookshop. It showed the entire Chestnut Springs series by Elsie Silver, so I’ll be reading ‘Heartless’, the second book in this companion cowboy romance series.

This one might make my June reading a bit chaotic since I’m adding two books to my TBR. The first book that came to mind was ‘Magnolia Parks’ by Jessa Hastings. I discovered that ‘Magnolia Parks’ can be tandem-read with ‘Daisy Haites’, so I’ll be reading both. Unfortunately, I don’t own these books, so they won’t help reduce my physical TBR.

The only book I could think of for this prompt is ‘The Unmaking of June Farrow’ by Adrienne Young. I’m a bit disappointed that I don’t own this book either, but I’ve heard great things about it and have been wanting to read it.

For this prompt, I chose an ARC I received from NetGalley called ‘A Game Most Foul’ by Alison Gervais, which will be released on June 18th. I’m a bit nervous because I’ve never read anything by this author. However, I do enjoy a good YA mystery.

For this prompt, I picked ‘The Last Girls Standing’ by Jennifer Dugan, a young adult thriller about the surviving counselors of a summer camp massacre. This book sounds like a fast-paced thriller and includes LGBT representation, which is perfect since June is Pride Month.

That’s my June TBR! Let me know in the comments what you plan on reading this month. Don’t forget to check out Everand, my favorite audiobook and ebook subscription service, to see if any of these books are available. By using my link (click here), you can get a free trial of the of Everand. Before you go, please show your support by following the blog.

Until the next chapter,

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