Lovelight Farms // Books Meets Beauty

Hi Friends,
I love doing posts that combined some of my other loves with books, which is exactly what we are doing for day 10 of Bookmas. Therefore, I hope you enjoy this holiday edition of “Books Meets Beauty.” I took inspiration from the book ‘Lovelight Farms’ by BK Borodin.

For the look, I did my normal foundation routine but went for a rose cheek and champagne highlight using the Relove by Revolution Colour Play Blush & Highlighter Cute Duo. My eye look was 100% inspired by the book’s cover. The palette I used was Too Faced ‘Christmas Coffee,’ which was unfortunately discontinued. I pulled in brown, green, and red, and I think that the color combination really embodied the book cover. Lastly, I used the Revlon lipstick ‘Cherries In The Snow,’ which happens to be a favorite of mine for the winter time.

In my opinion, this makeup look replicates the book’s cover perfectly. If you like posts that bring books and beauty together, you should give my blog a follow before you go.

Until The Next Chapter,

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