Book Review: The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston

Title: The Princess and the Fangirl
Author: Ashley Poston
Published: 2019
Rating: 3.0/5.0 Stars

Synopsis: When a case of mistaken identity throws look-a-likes Imogen and Jess together, they quickly become enemies. But when the script for the Starfield sequel leaks, and all signs point to Jess, she and Imogen must trade places to find the person responsible.
Source: GoodReads

This book is part of a companion series, Once Upon a Con, where each book follows different characters, but all the books connect. This story is a “Prince and the Pauper” retelling, which is one of my favorite stories. However, the book didn’t live up to my expectations. I didn’t enjoy the characters from this book nearly as much as the first, and the plot wasn’t as interesting.

Now this story is less of a love story, unlike book one, and more of a self-discovery plot, which could have contributed to my dislike of the book. Nevertheless, the over all plot wasn’t excited and the main characters weren’t very enjoyable to read about. I feel that the writing and story was a bit sloppy and not full fleshed out. I did like the side characters that were introduce, and seeing the characters from the first book was a nice treat.

“I am a nobody, but I’m a nobody who wants to leave the world a little brighter than when she arrived.”

Honestly, my favorite part of this book was the love story that developed between one of the main characters. It was a very real and sweet bond they created that turn into more. Also, I think it was an unexpected LGBT romance that was very well written. Overall, the book was pretty cheesy at time and did let me down, since it read more like a middle grade than young adult. However, I will probably be picking up the next book in the series, since it was decent read just not one that I would recommend often.

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