Summerween 2024 | Day Six

Hi Friends,
We are on day six of Summerween! I wasn’t able to get as much reading done as I wanted to today. I believe I only got to 15% of ‘How To Sell A Haunted House‘ by Grady Hendrix. However, I am still very intrigued by the plot.

I spent some of the day out and about. I had a lovely dinner at Panera. When I go there, which isn’t actually all that often, I usually get the Pick 2 deal. I had a yummy half salad and sandwich. It was really tasty, and I forgot how good the food is there.

Also, I had to stop by Barnes & Noble and Target. I didn’t get any books at Barnes & Noble—I know, shocker!—but I did get six books at Target since they were having a buy 2, get 1 free sale. I’m really excited to read all the books I picked up.

Let me know if you’ve bought any books lately. Please like and share this post with other book lovers. Before you leave, show my blog some love by giving it a follow.

Until The Next Chapter,


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