Summerween 2024 | Day Three

Hi Friends,
Happy Summerween Day Three! I’ll be completely honest and let you know that I did practically nothing on Day 3 of Summerween. However, that is my typical Sunday routine. I slept in way too late and then had a yummy breakfast for lunch. Still, I did manage to read a bit, though I didn’t finish any books.

I started ‘Something Is Killing the Children‘, a horror graphic novel. It wasn’t originally on my TBR, but I thought it would be a quick read and fit the prompt to read a thriller or horror book. I got about 40% through it and I’m really liking it; the story is quite interesting.

I also started my next audiobook for the readathon, ‘The Last Time I Lied‘ by Riley Sager. I’m enjoying this book a lot; it’s very fast-paced, and I’m really invested in the story. I’ve read up to the 30% mark and I’m curious to see where it goes.

Besides my reading, I posted a photo for Day Two of the readathon’s photo challenges on Instagram. The challenge was to post a sunset book stack. If you want to see all my photos for the photo prompts, follow me on Instagram (@Books.With.Bunny). Before you go, like this post and leave me a comment telling me how your weekend went.

Until The Next Chapter,

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Claire @ Eleventh Avenue

Something Is Killing the Children sounds interesting! I still need to read a Riley Sager book but I heard he’s a great horror author!