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Hi Friends,
In this post, I wanted to share with you why I usually prefer YA books. It isn’t unusual for an adult reader to enjoy books about teenagers. However, I always find it interested to learn why readers read what they do. I have seen posts dissing young adult books, which is completely unfair.

I believe one of the biggest reasons I enjoy YA is that they’re typically faster paced than adult books. No offense teens, but younger readers have a shorter attention span, so the books are more engaging and quick to keep you reading. Another big thing is that a lot of YA books are usually set in high schools with no shortage of drama. Being fairly sheltered (and home schooled) as a teen, I live vicariously through the characters.

This might seem lame, but adult novel intimidate me. They can be 500+ pages. While there are some lengthy books in the YA genre, most are under 350 pages. I can only speak for myself, but I just don’t have the patience to read a thick book that could take me months to finish.

I hate myself for admitting this, but one of the reasons I love YA is the love stories. First love and high-school romances, cliché as they might be, always pique my interest. I love teen dramas! So, no surprise, my book taste reflects that as well. Plus, the authors behind the novels can be very imaginative and over-the-top in their writing. Probably because teens thrive on drama. Hey, I’ve seen Riverdale, and I love a little unrealistic drama too.

Whether you are a fan of middle-grade, adult, non-fiction, or YA keep reading what makes you happy. Not every reader has the same interest that is what makes the book community so diverse. I would love if you left a comment telling me your favorite genre and why.

Until The Next Chapter,

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Jess C (@JessBooks_Sense)

As an adult reader I also enjoy the faster pace of YA books, plus they have such a different perspective !