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Kacey, the new girl in Broken Falls, moves in with her father and stepfamily, finding her new life eerily charming compared to her tumultuous past. She’s welcomed into a tight circle of friends, but things turn strange when her closest friends, Bailey and Jade, start acting distant. When Bailey disappears after a party, Kacey is left to navigate the town’s suspicions. Suddenly, Broken Falls isn’t so welcoming, and Kacey is at the center of the mystery.
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Kara Thomas has a way of writing that always keeps me engaged, and this book is no exception. The story centers on a high school senior, Kacey, as she tries to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of one of her closest friends, all while grappling with her troubled past. She had a difficult childhood, and works to conceal her anger issues while living with her dad, stepmom, stepbrother, and half-sister.

What I liked most was how the story had many layers, not just the mystery. It made everything more interesting and complicated. The mystery itself moves really fast, and even though I didn’t always agree with what the main character did, it felt real. She made mistakes like any teenager would in that situation.

In the book, we mostly follow Kacey’s perspective, but we also get short chapters that are journal entries from her missing friend, Bailey. These were an unexpected, but pleasant, surprise. Furthermore, they really did enhance the story. Bailey’s chapters give us more insight into her character, and provide important details leading up to her disappearance.

“Hope is the most dangerous thing you can give someone.”

I kept changing my mind about who might be behind everything, which I loved. The author really makes you doubt everyone and throws in lots of surprises. Some twists totally caught me off guard, though I did figure out part of the ending eventually. But when everything was revealed, it was shocking and way darker than I expected—in a good way.

Overall, the writing is fantastic, and the ending is gripping. I could easily see this book being one that many readers finish in a single sitting. If you enjoy young adult mysteries, this is a must-read. Just a heads-up, though: it tackles some heavy stuff, so check for trigger warnings if you need to.

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Molly | Transatlantic Notes

I really enjoy mysteries as a genre and have read some YA versions of this too (which have been great too). This novel sounds like something I would find quite intriguing!