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A juicy mystery of jealousy, love, and betrayal set on a Semester at Sea-inspired cruise ship, with a diverse cast of delightfully suspicious characters who’ll leave you guessing with every jaw-dropping twist. [In this new murder mystery by Diana Urban find out what happens when a semester at sea turns deadly.] Perfect for readers of Natasha Preston, E. Lockhart, and Karen McManus!
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This book frustrated me to no end. I was hoping for a fun, fast-paced YA thriller book, but that isn’t what I got at all. In the book, we follow Jade as she is doing a semester on a cruise ship. And, if you were a teenager in the 2000s you’re probably having ‘The Suite Life on Deck’ flashbacks.

However, Jade’s semester abroad turns sour when she discovers her ex-best friend and ex-boyfriend, who are now a couple, are also aboard the cruise ship. Honestly, I couldn’t figure out if this was a petty high school breakup story or a thriller. For about, 60% of the book Jade is wining about her backstabbing best friend and pining for her ex. And every time she’d try and confront them, she’d wimp out and than start whining again.

I thought there would be more suspense and mystery, and less high school drama. Although, since they’re in high school, I should have figured they’d act like they’re in high school. Still, the writing just felt very immature and the characters were juvenile. But, being in my 30s, I can admit that I am not really the intended audience for the book.

“No better trash can for a murderer than the entire ocean.”

The book didn’t pick up until around the last 75% of the book, and that’s when I felt like the story was actually getting somewhere. But, everything started happening so quickly. It felt like nothing at all was happening, and then, suddenly, a bunch of shit goes down. What was even the point of the first half of the book?

However, once the plot picked up, it was really enjoyable. I didn’t see the twist coming, which I liked. But, the characters were really the downfall for me. I disliked pretty much all of them. Still, there was one character, Jade’s love interest, that I did like, and he called Jade out on her pettiness and whining, which was called for.

Overall, the writing and plot weren’t for me at all. Maybe, I’ve just grown out of young adult, but I think that the real issue is that I didn’t know that the book was a retelling of “Death on the Nile” by Agatha Christie. Correction – I have heard people say that it’s a YA “Death on the Nile” retelling, but I don’t know if that’s true. Nevertheless, I’ve heard that “Death on the Nile” has similarly slow moving, nothing’s happening type of plot.

In the comments, let me know if this book is on your TBR. If it is, take it from me and skip it. Personally, I would have had a better time watching ‘The Suite Life on Deck’. However, if you did enjoy the book, leave a comment letting others know why. Don’t forget to follow the blog for more bookish posts.

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