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About The Book
Margo Zimmerman is gay, but she didn’t know until now. An overachiever at heart, Margo is determined to ace her newly discovered gayness. All she needs is the right tutor. Abbie Sokoloff has her own gayness down to a science. But a flunking grade in US History is threatening her acceptance to her dream school. All she needs is the right tutor.
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This is such an adorable young adult, LGBTQ romance. First, I love the fact that this is an exchange of service plot. In this book, Margo enlists the gayest girl she knows, Abby, to show her how to be gay. Abby agrees, but only if Margo tutors her in US history.

Not only does Margo have anxiety but she also has autism. I love the way autism is represented in the book. It showed that just because you are different, it does not make you weird. Abby, has a not-so-great home life, and really starts to open up to Margo.

It was great that the book showcased that we are all different. There are no set guidelines you must follow to be gay, straight, autistic, or anything else. Let me say that all the different representations in this book were amazing! Not only was the book about being gay, it also focused on many types of sexuality.

“You’re gay and you don’t need a test. You don’t need someone else to tell you who you are. You just need to trust yourself.”

I will say that I did not expect this book to have any particularly steamy scenes, being a young adult book. They are usually closed doors on the romance side. However, there is one intimate part of the book that was pretty steamy. I mean, of course, it is not on par with smut, but it was written very well.

Truthfully, the entire book had such great writing. You can tell that the authors took a lot of time with the book and created a great story. The plot was fantastic. The characters were well thought out and the ending was great.

Overall, I think this is a great coming of age story, and perfect for anyone who is just now discovering their sexuality. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a good LGBTQ romance. I look forward to reading more books from these authors.

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