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Four years ago, Brynn left Saint Ambrose School following the shocking murder of her favorite teacher—a story that made headlines after the teacher’s body was found by three Saint Ambrose students in the woods behind their school. Now that Brynn is moving home and starting her dream internship at a true-crime show, she’s determined to find out what really happened. The kids who found Mr. Larkin are her way in, and her ex–best friend, Tripp Talbot, was one of them.
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I am a huge fan of Karen M. McManus, but I was sadly disappointed with this book. The plot follows high school student Brynn, who gets an internship at a true crime podcast. She has a perfect case for the show to follow – the unsolved murder of her favorite teacher, Mr. Larkin, at Saint Ambrose School. However, this means reconnecting with her ex-best friend Tripp, one of the three students who discovered Mr. Larkin’s body.

This book did not live up to my expectations. The plot was not very intriguing, and the characters were simply okay. There were some twists and turns, but nothing left me shocked. The entire book was very slow moving. I wanted more excitement, thrilling, and heart-pounding moments.

Don’t get me wrong, McManus has impeccable writing, which really helped me enjoy the book. However, I did not care about the mystery, which is the whole point of a mystery/thriller book? Furthermore, the plot in general was not all too interesting, but maybe I was just expecting too much from the book, since I have loved most of her other releases.

As for the podcast show element, it was not something I cared for either. It felt as though that was just away to get the characters digging into Mr. Larkin’s murder. I am not the biggest fan of books that follow podcasts or true crime lovers since they usually seem like they are trying to be relevant. Not that they’re bad, I just have not enjoyed any of the books I read with that plot device.

“I know that secrets can eat you alive, and the truth can break your heart, and sometimes it’s hard to know which is worse.”

There was a romance in the book that you could see coming to, but the main question was whether it was needed. Not every young adult book requires a love story. I felt that the book could achieve the same outcome without any sort of second-chance romance side plot.

Now the ending was fairly shocking, and truth be told, I am not sure how I feel about it. The author went a rather unexpected and interesting route that I did not see coming at all. The book was left somewhat open and ended. If you know me, I am not a fan of cliffhangers, so this ending bothered me.

Overall, I still love Karen M. McManus and will continue to read anything she will release. This story was not my favorite, but the writing was phenomenal and the ending was quite unexcepted. I would probably only recommend it if you were very new to the YA mystery/thriller genre.

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