Over 30 // Book Tag

Hi Friends,
It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to? Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Feelin’ like I’m 22? I wish! Actually, I am “Thirty, Flirty and Thriving!” In honor of my 30th birthday, I thought that I would do the ‘Over 30 Book Tag’. Enjoy!

In the comments, I would love your birthday wishes. Also, I did a whole post on my birthday book wishlist, or you can check out my Amazon wishlist to see what books I would like to add to my bookshelves. As a birthday gift to me, please follow my blog!

Until The Next Chapter,

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Jess C
10 months ago

Happy Birthday ! What a great tag– it really makes you reflect. Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

Happy birthday. I really enjoyed this post. I’ll have to try this tag when I’m over 30. A Christmas Carol is one of the best classics. Thanks for sharing.

I'm All Booked Up
1 year ago

Love the 13 going on 30 reference and happy birthday!!