Summerween 2024 | Day One

Hi Friends,
Yesterday, Summerween kicked off! In my TBR post for the readathon, I promised to do daily updates. However, I didn’t mention that I wouldn’t be posting the updates until the day after, which is why Day 1 is going up on Day 2. This is because I won’t know how much I’ve read until the day ends. I hope that makes sense.
Anyway, I’m somewhat happy with how my reading went on the first day of the readathon. I managed to finish a book, but unfortunately, it wasn’t for Summerween. I had started ‘Vespertine‘ by Margaret Rogerson at the beginning of the month and wanted to finish it before starting any new books.

However, I was able to start ‘The House Across the Lake‘ by Riley Sager and got to 25%. So, even though I read a lot, I didn’t finish any books for the readathon. Still, I’m happy with my reading for the day.

Let me know in the comments if you are participating in the readathon. Don’t forget to like and share this post with others. And hit the follow button to show your support for the blog.

Until The Next Chapter,

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