Summerween 2024 // To Be Read

Hi Friends,
Am I completely insane for doing another TBR for the month? Probably. But I wanted to participate in Summerween 2024, which is taking place from July 5th – 11th. This is a very popular short summer readathon (announcement video). The prompts are fairly simple, and I think a lot of the books already on my TBR should work for them.

Read A Book In The Dark
This is such an easy prompt because I mainly listen to audiobooks. Reading a book in the dark or at night shouldn’t be a problem.

Read A Thriller Or Horror Book
I am going to use ‘Listen for the Lie‘ by Amy Tintera for this prompt. Not only is it on one of my TBRs for the month, but it is also a book I have been wanting to read for so long. This is an adult thriller with a podcast element, and I hear the audiobook is amazing.

Read A Book With A Night Sky On The Cover
I might be stretching this prompt, but I think either ‘The House Across the Lake’ by Riley Sager or ‘How to Sell a Haunted House‘ by Grady Hendrix should fit.

Read A Book With Five Words In The Title
The House Across the Lake‘ could fit this prompt as well, but so could Riley Sager’s ‘The Last Time I Lied’. Both of these are on my July TBR.

Read A Book Set In Summer
I am most likely going to read ‘The Last Time I Lied‘ by Riley Sager because it takes place at a summer camp. Although I’m not sure it is set in the summer, I think it’s safe to assume it will be.

I could essentially read ‘The House Across the Lake’ for all of these prompts, but I am nothing if not overly ambitious. Hopefully, I will get to at least three of these books. I am going to try to post daily Summerween updates, so please follow the blog to stay updated.

Until The Next Chapter,

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