Red, White, and Blue Books // July 4th Reading

Hi Friends,
In honor of the 4th of July holiday, I wanted to share some red, white, and blue books. These might not be my all-time favorite books in these colors, but they are definitely ones worth checking out. I know this post isn’t the most original, but I love recommending books I’ve enjoyed. I hope you might find joy in them too!

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‘Summer’s Edge’ By Dana Mele
I am going to be upfront and admit that this isn’t truly a favorite of mine, but I think the concept of this book is really cool. It’s a queer young adult paranormal thriller that takes place during the summer. Although I had my issues with it, I do think that it is a pretty decent summer thriller. Also, it is compared to *I Know What You Did Last Summer*, which, if you are a horror movie fan, takes place during July 4th.
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‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ By Holly Jackson
I really wanted to give out new recommendations, but when it came to a white book, the only one that stood out was *A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder*. I’m not going to rave about it too much since it is a widely popular YA mystery book, but this is such a good, fast-paced mystery with great characters and an interesting storyline.
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‘How Not to Fall in Love’ By Jacqueline Firkins
This is a blue book that I think is underrated. It is a young adult friends-to-lovers romance. I found it to be so cute, and it has the exchange of service plot that I adore. The plot follows Harper, who tries to teach her hopeless romantic best friend Theo how not to fall in love with every girl they go out with. I read this book really fast, so if you’re looking for a quick and cute read, you should definitely give this book a chance.
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There you have three recommendations for books to read this 4th of July. These books might not take place during the summer holiday, but they are still good reads nonetheless. Before you leave, hit the follow button so that you get notified whenever there’s a new post.

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19 days ago

This is a fun post idea! I’ve listened to the audiobook of A Good Girls Guide to Murder twice and I love it.