Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries // Book Review

About The Book
Cambridge professor Emily Wilde, an expert on faeries, arrives in Hrafnsvik intending to focus solely on her research. She dislikes socializing and dislikes her academic rival, Wendell Bambleby. However, as she delves into uncovering the secrets of the Hidden Ones, she finds herself drawn into a mystery involving Wendell and her own heart.
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My Rating

This story captivated me right from the start, offering the perfect blend of enchantment and coziness. Despite the story unfolding in the fall and winter, I found myself immersed in its magic, even though I was reading it during spring—a testament to its timeless appeal that transcends seasonal preferences.

Emily, the main character, really intrigued me with her knowledge of mystical creatures, all while struggling to navigate social interactions. Seeing her grow and develop throughout the book was so satisfying—it really added depth to her character.

Emily and Wendell’s growing love story in the book was really nice. At first, they were like work frenemies, but then they became real friends and maybe even more than that. Wendell balanced out Emily’s character well, and it was cool that there was more to him than it seemed at first.

The world in the book feels incredibly real, like stepping into a dream where fairies exist. It’s an escape, perfect for someone like me who loves magic. Yet, amidst the excitement of meeting fairies, there’s a hint of nervousness, as if something mysterious and possibly dangerous hides in the shadows. This adds to the intensity and captivation of the reading experience.

“One doesn’t need magic if one knows enough stories.”

I think the author’s writing was captivating, effortlessly bringing the story to life for me. The inclusion of fairy folklore tales woven throughout the narrative enriched my reading experience. The journal-like format of the book added an extra layer of charm, and I loved how the author was able to immerse me into these characters’ story.

I really liked how the found family element fit into the plot and contributed to Emily’s character development. I think many readers will enjoy that aspect of the story too. Also, the romance didn’t take over the plot; instead, it enhanced it, which I think makes this book perfect for those who want a fantasy with a hint of romance.

Overall, the book truly exceeded my expectations as someone that isn’t typically a cozy fantasy reader. I eagerly anticipate delving into future installments of the series and embarking on more adventures with these captivating characters.

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