The Gilmore Girls Tag

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Everytime the fall and winter seasons come I always start a rewatch of Gilmore Girls. Honestly, I watch Gilmore Girls multiple times throughout the year but it definitely gives me winter feels. For this reason, I thought it would be fun to do the ‘Gilmore Girls’ tag. There are many versions of this tag, but this is the one I chose to do.

• How did you discover the show?
I must admit that I don’t remember how I discovered the show. I believe that repeats use to come on Sunday nights. My brother watched the show ‘Smallville’ that night, and Gilmore Girls came on right before it. I would always see the end of the episodes. So, I started watching it. I believe the series was on the second season when I started watching it.

• Do you own the collection?
I own the completely series box set, the ‘Year In A Life’ revival on DVD and both of them on digital download.

• Favorite Season?
I loved the first three seasons equally, but if I had to choose I would have to go with season one. The debut season was standout in my opinion. Still, every season has some great episodes.

• Least favorite season?
That would hands down be season 7. I don’t hate it, yet I am disappointed in it. Especially, since it was the last season.

• Favorite Episode?
I have a lot of favorite episodes, but the one that I can’t get enough of is season 1, episode 6, Rory’s Birthday Parties. It was such a defining episode in the show. Rory and Dean started their relationship. Emily learned that there was a lot about Lorelai’s life she didn’t know. And, it has one of my all time scenes between Emily and Lorelai. In which, Emily says ‘Oh, if I had a dollar for every time you gave up.’ And, Lorelia replies ‘You could pay for this party, couldn’t you?’

• Dave or Zack?
I really loved Dave because cared so much for Lane. He did everything to get her mom to like him, and stayed up all night to read the bible to understand her mom’s cryptic message. However, I didn’t hate Zack. He was clueless but did love Lane. Also, he was a player before dating Lane but didn’t mind waiting to have sex until after marriage for her.

• Luke or Christopher?
Is this even a question? Luke! Obviously. Christopher was her past they weren’t the same people as adult that they were as teenagers. They didn’t work as adults. Luke and Lorelai completed each other. They brought out the best in one another. However, the whole April and Anna situation made me mad. In my opinion, he never would have hide it from Lorelai or put their wedding on hold. He loved her to much, and waited for her for too long.

• Lorelai or Rory?
I used to be more of a Rory girl, but after the 180 they did to her character in the revival. I am going with Lorelai. Also, during my rewatches I have grown more attached to Lorelai’s personality. But Rory is still great.

• Do you think Lorelai overreacts with her parents?
Yep. There is no denying that they aren’t the best parents. Still, Lorelai was always against their advice and took everything as a personal attack.

• Do you think Emily and Richard overreacts with Lorelai?
For sure. A lot of the time they looked down on Lorelai’s life. They wanted to force their ideas on her. They don’t understand her.

• In the big fight that Rory and Lorelai had whose side were you on?
This is a hard one because I agree with Lorelai that Rory was letting Logan’s dad crush her dreams. Rory was being impulsive and immature. However, Lorelai was being a bit controlling, which she always accuses her mom of being. Rory needed to figure things out for herself. Lorelai alienating her wasn’t the best move.

• In a fight between Taylor and Mrs. Kim who would win?
Mrs. Kim! She is one scary mama bear.

• Who would spread the fastest rumor Babette or Miss Patty?
Both. They are one in the same. They always know the town gossip.

• How much do you dislike April?
110% since they were trying to make her a mini version of Rory. Come on not every single mom can have a smart, book loving kid. Also, I didn’t see the need for the whole April storyline. The show already had a good balance of comedy and drama.

• If you could have dinner with any cast member, who would it be, and what kind of questions would you ask them?
Lauren Graham because she seems like a down to earth person. I would talk to her about her time on Gilmore Girls, Parenthood and forever being seen as Lorelai.

• How did you want it to end?
I didn’t mind the way the series ended since Luke and Lorelai got back together, and Rory was going off to live her dream as a reporter. As for the revival, I didn’t care for the Lorelai and Rory parallel thing. However, I wished they had jumped 10 years into the future showing Rory with a 9 year old. It would be cute if she named it Lorelai but she goes by ‘Lo’ or ‘Lori.’ But a time jump would make a second revival impossible. Still I would have liked one.

As a Gilmore Girl addict, I enjoyed answering these questions. Also, it put me in the mood to watch the show. Please give this post a like and share. Don’t forget to follow the blog before you go.

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