Audiobook Subscriptions // My Recommendation

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Today is day 3 of Bookmas, and I thought that I would share with you my top three favorite audiobook subscriptions. I solely read audiobooks because I simply prefer them, so I am pretty well versed in the world of audiobook subscriptions. Since it is the holiday season, you might be thinking about gifting someone in your life one of these subscriptions. So, I am going to let you know the pros and cons of each, and my personal favorite.

Let’s be real, this is probably the most popular audiobook subscription since it is a subsection of Amazon. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it the best audiobook subscription.

Amazon Originals: They have a catalog where you can find a ton of free audiobooks.

Audible Exclusives: This is great for someone that reads a lot of indie authors, because they have a lot of indie published books on audible, such as the Off Campus Series by Elle Kennedy.

2 For 1: Every month they do a two for one credit sale where you can get 2 audiobooks with one credit.

Price: A subscription is $14.99 a month, which is pretty high compared to other subscriptions.

One Book: You only get one audiobook a month and with the price it isn’t much different than buy the audiobook without committing to a subscription.

Everand (Perviously Scribd)
This is a subscription I’ve had for years although I don’t use it that much. Not because it’s bad, mind you – I used to not enjoy the app, but I do think it has gotten so much better.

Price: For being just $11.99 it’s pretty much a steal.

Unlimited Books: This is different than other subscriptions because you don’t get one audiobook a month. You get access to their catalog of audiobooks and can listen to multiple ones a month.

Ebooks: The cool thing about ever is that the subscription includes ebooks as well.

Slow App: Honestly, I find the app to run a bit slow. This isn’t a huge issue, it’s just something that can be a bit frustrating at times.

Limited Access: The most annoying thing about this subscription is that they limit access to certain books. They market the subscription as unlimited books a month but if you read a lot in one month they will lock your access to certain popular or trending books until the next month.

Rakuten Kobo
This is an audiobook subscription that I haven’t heard many mention. But, it’s one that my mom uses all the time.

Price: They have a few different plans but the most recommended is $10.99.

One Book: Similar to Audible you can only redeem your monthly credit for one book.

Purchasing: The worst thing about this subscription is the app. Mainly, the fact that you cannot purchase any book through it. You must go online using your desktop computer to purchase any audiobook.

So, which of these would I recommend? Personally, I would say that Everand is the best audiobook subscription for your buck. It is the one that I would suggest, especially if you are new to audiobooks. If you would like to subscribe please use my referral link (sign up here) and get 30 days for free. That being said, let me know what audiobook subscription is your favorites in the comments. Don’t forget to follow the blog for more Bookmas content.

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July 2023 // To Be Read

Hi Friends,
Happy July! I am excited to be doing my July TBR, and yes I know I said I was going to stop doing TBRs, but the planner girl in me just can’t stop. But, I want to make my TBR a little more fun. I found a numbered list of prompts from Pinterest, and used a random number generator to pick my prompts. Also, I used a random number generator between 1 – 10 to see how many to pick. Here’s the catch – I can only pick books off my physical TBR or audiobooks I own via Kobo or Audible. First up the random number generator gave me 6, which means I’m picking 6 prompts and reading 6 books. But, to make things more interesting if I get the same prompt, twice I have to add a book. Let’s see how this goes.

This first number I got was 8, which is ‘A Book Set In The Decade You Were Born’! I’m very happy for this because I’m a nineties girl and I just bought ‘Throwback’ by Maurene Goo on audiobook. It’s about a teen girl that is sent back to the 90s to help her teenage mother. I can’t wait for all the 90s references.
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Next up, I got the number 3 and the prompt is ‘A Book Outside Your Comfort Genres’.
I decided to go with ‘Talking as Fast as I Can’ by Lauren Graham. I barely read memoirs, or rather, nonfiction in general, but I own this book and I am probably the biggest Gilmore Girls fan ever. And, it’s read by Lauren Graham, which is amazing.

The next number was 9 giving me the prompt ‘A Book That’s Been On Your TBR For 2 Or More Years’. This was more difficult than I thought it would be, because I’m only picking from my owned books. But, I decided to go with ‘As Old As Time’ by Elizabeth J. Braswell. This is a part of the Twisted Tales series, which is essentially a book series of different middle-grade/young adult Disney retellings. From the title you can probably guess that this book is a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ retelling.
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Thankfully we got the number 22, because the prompt was ‘A Book By An Auto-Buy Author’. There are so many authors that have become favorites of mine over the last year. Originally, I was going to pick ‘One Of Us Is Back’ by Karen M. Mc Manus, since I pre-ordered the book. But, since it doesn’t come out until the end of the month, I’m going to go with something else. So, my pick is ‘Every Last Fear’ by Alex Finlay, which is the author of ‘The Night Shift’, a book that I loved.
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Luck was on my side once again, by giving me the number 15. The prompt was ‘Read A Retelling’. If you know me than you know I love retellings, so my pick is ‘The Wicked Ones‘ by Robin Benway. This is a retellings following the evil stepsisters from Cinderella. It happens to be another one of my Kobo audiobooks.

Last, but certainly not least, I got the number 28, which was the prompt ’Read A YA’. Simple enough. I am going easy on myself here, and pick a book that I just started, which is ‘Kisses and Croissants‘ by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau. This is a YA contemporary set at a ballet school in Paris.

The only thing left is to talk about my Novellic book club pick, which is ‘The Summer of Broken Rules‘ by K. L. Walther. You can join my Reading Rabbits book club on the Novellic app!

I hope you liked this fun little TBR! In the comments, share your July TBR. Don’t forget to follow my blog if you enjoy bookish content like this.

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Happy Halloween Giveaway // Spooktober 2021

Hi Friends,
I knew that I wanted to do a Halloween giveaway, and since Halloween is only a few days away, that means that today is the official start of the giveaway! Below you will find all the rules and the prize for the giveaway.

The Deadline
◉ October 31st 11:59 pm


The Rules
◉ Must Be 18 Years Old Or Have Parental Permission
◉ Must Have A  Valid Email Address
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◉ Must Share One Of My Spooktober Posts On Social Media With The Hashtag #BunnySpooktober
◉ Comment Below What You Are Going As For Halloween
◉ Let Me Know What Social Account And You Handle That You Shared A Post On

The Prize
◉ Kobo eGift Card $10

Kobo is an audiobook and ebook site and subscription services. It is similar to Audible and Scribd. Readers pay $10 a months for one credit, which they can redeem towards an ebook or audiobook. This is a small giveaway, but I want to show my readers how much it means to me that they support my blog! If you want to go a step further, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I try to stay pretty active on both.

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