None Of This Is True // Book Review

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A woman who finds herself the subject of her own popular true crime podcast. Josie’s life appears to be strange and complicated, and although Alix finds her unsettling, she can’t quite resist the temptation to keep making the podcast. Slowly she starts to realize that Josie has been hiding some very dark secrets, and before she knows it, Josie has inveigled her way into Alix’s life—and into her home.
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I was a little scared going into this book, because my first Lisa Jewell novel, And Then She Was Gone, was very predictable, and quite sad. But in the moment I heard about this book, it immediately rose to the top of my TBR. The plot sounded so intriguing, and because of that, I was willing to give Lisa Jewell another chance.

The premise follows two women who share a birthday, but live completely different lies. But when Podcaster Alix is approached by her birthday twin Josie to do a new Podcast, telling Josie‘s story of her what she claims to be twisted life. Alix’s takes the opportunity, but quickly start seeing the holes in Josie story.

This book is probably one of the most insane thrillers I have ever read. Honestly, the whole time you aren’t sure what to believe. I kept having my guesses at what was going to happen, and who is telling the truth, but in the back of my mind, I kept thinking of the title of the book that none of this is true so maybe nobody is completely trustworthy.

“You have to be free in order to be in control, Alix. You have to be free. No baggage. A clean break.”

The author did a great job at keeping me intrigued and guessing throughout the story. The writing was good, yet there’s just something about Lisa Jewell’s writing that doesn’t quite pull me in as much as I would like. And to me, this was a slower read. It’s not that I didn’t want to pick the book up, the plot seemed to move at a more mid-level pace.

The ending wasn’t super shocking, but it was it underwhelming either. I like how even after everything was said, and done, the author threw in a little comment, one final chapter that made you wonder if the truth is really the truth. For me the jury still out on who to believe.

Overall, this book was a good time at a really solid mystery thriller. It it has made me consider picking up more of the authors other books. Because this one kept me engaged and interested throughout the entire story. So my overall read experience was really good.

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