The Only One Left // Book Review

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At seventeen, Lenora Hope hung her sister with a rope. Stabbed her father with a knife. Took her mother’s happy life. “It wasn’t me,” Lenora said. But she’s the only one not dead. A woman who takes a job caring for elderly invalid Lenora Hope, who was accused decades ago of murdering her parents and younger sister. She slowly unravels the truth behind the Hope murders and a missing nurse.
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My Rating

This book was phenomenal! The story follows a home-health aide, Kit McDeere, as she must become the new caretaker for Lenora Hope, an elderly woman who was suspected of a Lizzie Borden type of murder back in the 1920s. The plot itself sounds amazing, and the writing was fantastic. The book kept me interested every step of the way.

However, this isn’t going to be one of those fast paced type of thrillers. The story is fairly slow moving, but I didn’t mind that at all. I was so invested in this mystery that I couldn’t put the book down! Like the main character, I kept going back and forth on what really happened all those years ago.

I will say that my only con with this book was Kit. She isn’t a horrible main character, but I found her to be not the most sensible person. Honestly, she kept saying she couldn’t trust anyone, but was totally willing to share everything she thought she knew with anyone. That got on my nerves at times.

“She’s capable of so little yet accused of so much, and I remain torn between wanting to protect her and the urge to suspect her.”

But, the twists in this book were amazing. There weren’t a ton of shocking moments, and a more skilled detective probably could have figured things out before the big reveal. I was just happy to be a long for the ride, and loved every twist and turn. The ending was done so well, and one of my guesses did turn out to be correct.

Overall, I loved how invested the story kept me, and the chapters flew by. This is one of those rainy night reads that you could probably finish in a day or two. The plot, characters, and mystery are just that good. This book will hopefully keep you as intrigued as it kept me, right up until the end.

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