She Is A Haunting // Book Review

About The Book
A House with a terrifying appetite haunts a broken family in this atmospheric horror, perfect for fans of Mexican Gothic. Chilling, evocative, and atmospheric, She Is a Haunting is a slow burn debut horror novel about the ghosts of the past and the ways in which they connect to our present. Tran’s vivid imagery makes this terrifying tale a true standout. This house eats and is eaten . . .
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My Rating

This is a haunted house story that has been compared to ‘Mexican Gothic’ by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and I can see why it can be seen as a YA version of that book. However, I did not enjoy it as much. This story was not gripping, and it was also slightly more confusing. And if I am being honest, I do not remember a lot of the book, which should say something.

The plot follows Jade, as she goes to Vietnam with her sister to visit their estranged father. However, weird things start happening in the house where they are staying with their Ba. Although, it didn’t feel like a ‘true’ spooky haunted house story, which probably doesn’t make any sense.

As a main character, Jada was mediocre, and she did not want to be there, which was apparent throughout much of the story. Truthfully, she had reasons for coming to Vietnam, but she could have left at any time instead of forcing herself to be in a situation that made her uncomfortable.

“I know this is a dream because I am not afraid of my father.”

The book was entertaining but kind of all over the place. I found myself becoming confused and having to reread passages. I found it easy to read mindlessly, without really understanding it. At the end of the book, I was confused, shocked and disappointed.

The writing was not my favorite and did not keep me engaged. The story felt slow moving, and I kept waiting for more to happen. The author is a great storyteller, but her writing form is not what I prefer.

Overall, I did not get the spooky vibes that I was looking for in the story. I would not call it a bad read at all, it just was not something that really interested me. However, I am willing to give the author another shot in the future.

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