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About The Book
Esme and Kayla are back at Camp Pine Lake as counselors-in-training, years after they agreed to cover up a terrible incident that occurred while they were campers there themselves. Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games at camp, and when mysterious threats aimed at the counselors start getting more and more violent, the girls know they aren’t the only ones who know their secret.

My Rating

There were just so many things wrong with this book, that I don’t know where to start. The characters weren’t likable, and the plot was so predictable. And, to top it all off, there wasn’t even one twist that I didn’t see coming. If anything, the only redeeming quality was that it was over quickly.

In the book, Esme and her best friend Kayla return to a summer camp they went to as kids, to be camp counselors themselves. But Esme is nervous, since they did something horrible at the camp when they were kids, and it’s been their little secret for years now. Esme’s character was boring and annoying. She was seriously paranoid, which made me wonder why she even agreed to go back to the camp in the first place.

As for Kayla, she was a bad friend, and didn’t even want to take responsibility for her part in their past mistake. She kept making Esme think she was overreacting. Like, it was very obvious someone was after them. Personally, I would have left that camp after the first creepy experience.

The book was very main character focused, but there were a few side characters. Esme and Kayla formed a friend group with the other camp counselors, one being Esme’s sort of love interest. I say sort of, since the two didn’t have much chemistry, and didn’t seem to really trust one another. The rest of the characters were okay, but didn’t play much of a part in the story.

“Living with guilt is hell.”

You could say that there were a lot of suspects throughout the book, but early on, Esme, and probably the reader, knows the culprit. I was hoping that the author would throw a curveball, and make the villain someone out of the blue. Instead of, you know, taking the easy way out and picking the most likely person. It was frustrating knowing right away who was behind it all, and so desperately hoping for some kind of twist.

However, there was a part where Esme pretended her car had broken down in order to talk with someone. The interaction reminded me of a scene in ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, so that was kind of fun. But one short and silly scene didn’t make up for a very lackluster thriller.

Overall, the plot didn’t have much depth to it, and the big secret wasn’t my favorite. The book was missing those thriller vibes, and was more of a mystery. The book ends on a cliffhanger, so be aware of that. However, I know some people like that in books. I am not one of those people.

As you can tell, this wasn’t the thriller for me, but let me know in the comments your thoughts on it, if you have read it. Please give my blog a quick follow before you go.

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Audrey Belush
Audrey Belush
3 months ago

I’m in 7th grade and I really enjoyed this book I didn’t need to read the whole thing for school but I did there was mystery like who was the person messing with everyone at camp and why were they doing this to camp.