The Legend of the Christmas Witch // Mini Book Review

About The Book
From Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza and creative partner Dan Murphy comes the long lost tale of the Christmas Witch, Santa Claus’s much misunderstood twin sister. The perfect gift for the holiday season and beyond! Gather ‘round the fire to hear a Christmas legend that has never been told before…until now.
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My Rating

I picked up this book because the cover is simply stunning, and I thought that it would be a quick read that would get me in the holiday spirit. But this book is so much more than a short Christmas-y graphic novel.

It tells the tale of two twins, a boy and a girl, one who ends up becoming the holly jolly Santa Claus, and the other the Christmas witch. It is such a fun, unique story that I think anyone would be fascinated by.

“I’m going to ruin this Christmas holiday once and for all!”

The author really made the story come to life, and the artwork was stunning. It was so interesting to hear this tale of this Christmas Witch, and all she goes through over the course of the book. You can read this book cover to cover in one sitting, which is what I did.

Overall, this isn’t just a lighthearted Christmas story, but has a much deeper meaning. Simply because one is different and misunderstood doesn’t mean they have to hide from the world. Also, by the end of the book, the story felt so real it made me wonder if there is some truth to this Christmas witch legend.

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