The Powerpuff Girl Fashion Inspiration // Toss-Up Tuesday

Hi Friends,
Growing up, I watched a lot of television. Although oddly enough, most of my favorite shows were adult series and TV Land reruns. However, I was still a fan of Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. The Powerpuff Girls were one of my favorite cartoons. Not only are they adorable, but the show was filled with laughter and action. Well, kid-friendly action. When a live-action Power Puff Girl series was announced, I wasn’t sure how to feel. On one hand, it would be cool to see these characters come to life. On the other-hand, can we keep the lighthearted wholesomeness the original cartoon had.

Unfortunately, if you saw the leaked script for the live-action version it is anything but wholesome. I would goes as far as calling it trash! Luckily they are reworking the series, so a decent series could be possible. I decided it might be fun to image what the Power Puff Girl’s style would be like in the world today. They all have different personalities and their fashion picks should represent them.

This was a fun post to write for you guys, and be sure to check back for future posts. Don’t forget to like and share this post with all your friends. You can follow the blog via email as well. Let me know in the comments who your favorite Power Puff Girl is. As for me, I was always a Bubbles girl.

Until The Next Chapter,

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2 years ago

These are super cute! I loved powerpuff girls growing up. I had no idea they were doing a live action one! That’s fun!