By The Cover // March 2024

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Today, I’m going to be doing something a little different. It’s a new post series that I want to start doing each month, where I judge some of the current month’s book releases by their covers. This idea was completely taken from Shannon or epeolatrys on TikTok. She does cover reviews each month, so I definitely recommend you checking out her page.

The Summer She Went Missing by Chelsea Ichaso (March 5, 2024)
Nothing about this cover stands out to me. The title is obviously the focal point of the cover, yet I don’t care for how the font changes on the word missing. However, I do like the shatter on the sunglasses. Although, for what I assume is a summer thriller, the colors are a bit muted, and too dark for my liking




Murder Road by Simone ST. James (March 5, 2024)
I love this cover because it is so simple, yet still eye catching. Personally, I would instantly be drawn to this at a book store, and definitely want to read it. Although, I don’t find that the words ‘a novel’ are really needed. It just takes away from rest of the cover design. The only sort of negative thing I will say is that it does give major mass market paperback vibes. But, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.



What Monstrous Gods by Rosamund Hodge (March 5, 2024)
At first glance, I thought that this cover was very well done. The placing of the title is great and the characters are drawn beautifully. However, the monster hand seems out of place, and so do the flowers. And, I’m not fan of the effect. My biggest issue, and this could just be a me thing, but the characters are giving me Star Wars vibes. Still, it is a strong cover as a whole.



The Other Lola by Ripley Jones (March 12, 2024)
This cover is stunning in my opinion. I am loving the 3D effect that the flower and paper are giving. The colors work well together, and the lighter background helps the black flower pop more. Again, not sure we need ‘a novel’ on the cover, but I do like how this cover includes a little blurb about the book.




Happily Never After by Lynn Painter (March 12, 2024)
This cover is so cute! You can tell that the story has to do with weddings. I love the confetti and font style. However, it’s a little too pink. As a pink lover this might be strange for me to say, but I feel like the background elements blend together a little too much. It would be nice if there was a bit more detail to the background, or maybe a splash more white added to break up the colors.



Expiration Dates by Rebecca Serle (March 19, 2024)
This cover isn’t captivating at all, but it is similar in color scheme and style to the author’s other books. I guess they should get points for consistency. For the life of me, I can’t tell why a book with this title doesn’t have some sort of calendar design, but maybe that would be too on the nose. I am just not into this watercolor, more artsy style of book cover. It just isn’t something that stands out to me.



In the comments, let me know what you think about these book covers. Just like always, remember to like and share this post. If you’re a fan of bookish content, then please show your support by following the blog.

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