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About The Book
For Evie Porter, identity is everything. Assigned by her enigmatic employer, Mr. Smith, she delves into a town and its inhabitants, namely her target, Ryan Sumner. But as Evie’s feelings for Ryan deepen, so do the risks of her covert mission. With her past threatening to unravel, Evie must navigate a precarious balance between her fabricated persona and her true self. In a high-stakes game of deception, Evie must stay ahead of her history while carving out a path to a new future.
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This book dives deep into truth, morality, and self-discovery, but in a way that really grabs you. We follow our main character as she tries to untangle a mess of lies and deceit. The characters within are not just black and white; they’re morally grey, which adds a whole new layer to the story, and makes you question everything.

It’s a perfect mix of gripping plot twists and characters you can’t help but care about. While some parts might seem predictable, the suspense keeps you flipping the pages. It’s not exactly a thriller, but it sure keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Ashley Elston’s storytelling is so vivid that you can easily picture this book on the big screen. Just a heads up, though – it takes a bit to really get going. But once you push through that first chunk, you’re in for a wild ride.

“Mama always said to be successful in life you need to do three things: learn everything you can, try your hardest, and be the best at what you do.”

The book was very entertaining, and I had fun trying to figure out how things were going to end. Speaking of the ending, I didn’t expect things to turn out the way they did, but I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story played out. Being inside these characters’ heads was great, and the plot was very well executed.

Overall, the book didn’t make Elston a new favorite thriller author of mine, but it definitely showed that she has incredible talent. While everyone might not vibe with the pacing, or level of action, I think the book is worth the read. Who knows, you might just find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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