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A YA second chance romance where the rules for getting over an ex turn out to be more complicated than they seem. Kaylee Jordan’s one refuge, and the thing she looks forward to every summer? The vacation her family spends in Malibu with the Freeman-Yus. This year, there’s only one problem: Kaylee and their son, Dean, dated for the past three months, and Kaylee just unceremoniously dumped him.
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This is a friends-to-lovers high school romance, but with a twist – the love interests have actually already dated and broken up at the beginning of the book. However, they must now, as the title suggests, go on summer vacation with their families, and try to navigate this new normal as exes.

Kaylee is the female, and she has major commitment issues. She’ll date someone for a few months, break up with them, and then start a new relationship (or shall I say fling) with somebody else within weeks. She is also one of the star players on her high school volleyball team.

I understand that Kaylee had commitment issues, since in high school things are always changing. Also, she had a lot of struggles comparing herself to her mother, who was an Olympic volleyball star. All of these things factored into her commitment phobia. However, I didn’t like the fact that everyone blamed her for the break up.

“I could be the heartbroken one. I’ve just taught myself not to be.”

You could clearly see that she was struggling with the break up in her own way. Yes, Dean, her ex, was vividly sad, but her feelings should not have been ignored. Also, he clearly knew the rest. He was taking a chance dating her, because they were friends, and he saw her romantic history firsthand.

However, I did like the writing in this book, because I didn’t find it to be juvenile. The ending was done well, and I liked Kaylee’s character development. Also, there’s a slight exchange of service plot between Kaylee and Dean that I enjoyed, which isn’t surprising since it is one of my favorite plot devices.

Overall, it’s a easy read with a good plot. Also, I did like that Patrick and Siena from ‘With And Without You’ made an appearance in the book. I will continue to read more from this duo, since this isn’t their worst book, but it definitely isn’t there best either. I had a fairly decent reading experience, so I would call that a win.

In the comments, let me know your favorite book by this author duo. If didn’t already know, you can follow the blog to help show your support!

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Molly | Transatlantic Notes

I can see this being a decent read that is pretty entertaining (the idea of going on holiday with a recent ex-partner sounds like it could be filled with interesting moments). Thanks for the review!

Her Digital Coffee
6 months ago

Lovely review! I’m glad to hear the writing, ending, and character development was done well. I’d love to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

6 months ago

This sounds like a good book, I’m never quite sure if I like second chance romances but maybe I’ll give this one a read x