This Week // Thankful Thursday

Hi Friday,
Now that it’s November, I will once again be doing ‘Thankful Thursday!’ This is just a series of posts, where every Thursday in November there will be a post that has to do with being thankful. To kick off the series, I am going to talk about three things that I am thankful for this week. Also, I am not including my family or husband on this list because I am always thankful for them.

Although I am always grateful for my fur babies, this week, I have taken the time to appreciate them a lot more. Sometimes being a pet owner can be stressful, but I am so glad that I have these crazy animals in my life.

This might seem silly, but I am so happy that we have bookstores. Yes, I know I can just shop for books online, but there is something different about going into a bookstore. I love shopping the shelves and bringing home a new book. Hopefully, bookstores will never fade away.

I am a winter girlie, so I love that it is starting to get colder. I love wearing sweaters and bundling up in a cozy blanket. Nothing beat a cold winter morning, drinking hot coffee and reading a fall or holiday book.

I am sure that there are a million more things that I am thankful for this week, but if I listed all of them, this post would be very long. So, I am just going to leave you with these three. In the comments, tell me, one thing you are thankful for this week. Do not forget to help support my blog by giving it a follow.

Until The Next Chapter,