She Drives Me Crazy // Book Review

About The Book
After an embarrassing loss to her ex-girlfriend in their first basketball game, seventeen-year-old Scottie Zajac gets into a fender bender with her nemesis, Irene Abraham, head cheerleader. Irene’s car needs repairs, forcing them to carpool and endure a rocky relationship. Scottie then bribes Irene into a fake-dating scheme to get back at her toxic ex and climb the social ladder. The scheme threatens to reveal real feelings between Scottie and Irene.
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My Rating

Unfortunately, this book fell flat for me. It’s one of those books that just didn’t leave a lasting impression. Maybe it’s because it’s a YA contemporary, and sometimes they tend to blur together in my mind, but I don’t remember much about the story itself.

I do know that this is a queer romance with an enemies-to-lovers twist. However, I didn’t feel the chemistry between the two main female characters. You could also call it a forced proximity romance, since they (reluctantly) have to drive to school together, and there is a bit of fake dating involved as well, so this book incorporates a lot of very popular tropes.

One aspect I did enjoy was how the story highlights that not all cheerleaders are just pretty faces, and that cheerleading is tough work and a real sport. It also touches on the disparity in attention and recognition between women’s and men’s sports, with one of the main characters being a female basketball player.

“People break our hearts, but they create more room in them first, and that room makes it possible for us to become more ourselves.”

The personal struggles of the main characters were far more interesting than their romance, as far as I’m concerned. Scottie is dealing with a breakup, and coming to terms with the less-than-great aspects of her past relationship. Meanwhile, Irene is grappling with her sexuality, and the fallout from a toxic friendship that played with her emotions.

Overall, the romance was cute, and it’s a quick read if you’re looking for a light queer contemporary romance. But the developing love story wasn’t the most compelling part of the story. I wouldn’t say this is a must-read, and it’s definitely not a book I’ll remember in the future. This is pretty obvious since my memory of the plot is already fading.

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