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A woman is determined to stay in her dream home even after it becomes a haunted nightmare in this compulsively readable, twisty, and layered debut novel. Every September, the walls drip blood. The ghosts of former inhabitants appear, and all of them are terrified of something that lurks in the basement. Most people would flee. Margaret is not most people.
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This book surprised me in a good way. The book follows Margaret, a woman who moves into a haunted house with her husband. However, when her husband goes missing, their daughter is determined to find out what happened to her father. Her mother is desperate to keep all the supernatural things that go on in the house a secret from her. Does that not sound like a recipe for a good haunted house mystery?

The book is told from Margaret’s perspective during her fourth September in the house. It is widely mentioned throughout the story that September is when shit hits the fan. We get chapters from previous years throughout Margaret’s life. Many of these chapters described what it was like when they first moved to the house. We also learn a lot about Margaret and her life with her husband and daughter.

Margaret is a very unreliable narrator, because there is a mention that her father had a mental illness. Her marriage was unhappy. She mentioned a lot about rules and rules to cope with many things, such as her husband’s drinking and anger and her deadly house.

“Thank you for coming but kindly remove your crazy asses from our holy ground.”

The writing was good, but it did not keep me engaged as much as I had hoped it would. I felt that there were many instances when I wanted the story to progress much faster than it did. I felt that it was just lacking something in the way the author told the story that kept them from becoming a new favorite thriller author.

This plot is interesting. I kept trying to guess what was going to happen. You think the author is going to take you in one direction, but then they do a complete 180, and take you in an entirely different direction. The last few chapters were not incredibly action-packed, but they were very intense.

Overall, it was a decent haunted house story. Will there probably be better options in the future? Sure, but is this one that I will remember? Definitely, yes. Please keep in mind that this book heavily dives into domestic violence and what it is like to be a woman in that situation, especially one with a child.

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