Did I Read My 2023 Anticipated Releases?

Hi Friends,
For day 2 of Bookmas, I am going to be taking a look back at my most anticipated book releases of 2023. I have done 4 anticipated releases post this year, so I am hoping that I have at least read half of the books that I was excited for this year. If not, I am going to try and make it a priority to read some of them before the year is over.

I did a post talking about my most anticipated YA romances, and I am happy to say that I read 3 out of the five books I mentioned in that post. I read ‘Never Vacation with Your Ex’, ‘Margo Zimmerman Gets the Girl’ and ‘Borrow My Heart.’ But, I wasn’t able to pick up ‘Promposal’ and I completely forgot about ‘The Borrow a Boyfriend Club.’ However, I am still interested in both of those books.
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My next release post was talking about 2023 summer books. I read 5 of the books in that post, which were ‘The Only One Left,’ ‘The Seven Year Slip,’ ‘One of Us Is Back,’ ‘Delicate Condition,’ and ‘Foxglove.’ And, all of these books were between 4 and 5 stars for me. As for the ones I didn’t read we have ‘Summer Rental,’ ‘Business or Pleasure,’ and ‘Ghosted: A Northanger Abbey.’ All of those books still sound so good. There were two other books in this post, ‘The Trap‘ and ‘Good Bad Girl‘ that I didn’t read, but started. And, since putting down ‘Good Bad Girl’, I haven’t heard the greatest thing about it, so it might be a DNF.
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Moving on to a post I did recently, my October anticipated releases. I am going to keep this short and sweet by saying that I have yet to read any of the six books I mentioned. Still, I am very interested in all of them. Lastly, is my November book release post and, like October, I haven’t read any of these books. I might try and get to one out of six books in that post, which will most likely be ‘Iron Flame’ or ‘Betting On You.’
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Honestly, I don’t think I did too badly this year when it came to reading books I was excited for. It doesn’t shock me that I did poorly in October and November, since I’m a mood reader and like to read certain books during those months. In the comments, tell me if you have read any of my anticipated releases, and if they are worth the read. Don’t forget that it is completely free and makes me smile when you follow the blog.

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