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Let us talk about creepy book covers! When it comes to books, I can definitely be a cover buyer at times, but I do not just gravitate towards pretty covers. As a thriller reader, I love a good spooky book cover, so today I am going to talk about five of my favorite thriller/horror book covers. Remember this is my opinion, so you might not find these covers spooky, which is completely fine.

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I have heard that this is a very disturbing adult horror, but something about this cover gives me chills. It is a fairly simple cover but manages to give off a sinister look. Personally, I love how subtle and creepy the cover is, and I can tell that this is a horror without having to read the synopsis.

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Honestly, I know nothing about this book, but I would buy it just for the cover. It is giving off ghost story vibes, which I love. At the same time, this cover is spooky and beautiful. I kind of get the chills looking at it and I’m okay with that

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This is another simple but creepy cover. The red eyes add such a spooky element, and I love the pink and black color choice. I mean sheep are not generally frightening, but this book cover makes me think otherwise.

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Every time I see this cover, I instantly think Freddy Krueger “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” which is obviously what they were intending from this cover. However, it is so unsettling that I think my husband would have nightmares if he saw this cover. There is no question that this is a horror book just from the looks of it.

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I have been wanting to read this book for years now because the cover screams thriller. It gives me the women in white, but YA. I find it to be eerie, but again, it has the spook factor without being an outright scary design. I believe that these types of covers are the creepiest.

In the comments, let me know what some of your favorite thrillers or horror books cover. Do not forget to share this post with other readers. And, if you are a fan of books, you can give my blog a follow so that you never miss a post.

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6 months ago

The Voice Upstairs looks like a really good book. I’m in search of some spooky reads, myself, so thanks for this post!