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Hi Friends,
Earlier this year, I did a post called “A Little Bit Personal” – where I shared some of my mental health struggles. Today, I wanted to talk about a few self-care things you can do when anxiety and depression become overwhelming. Currently, depression and anxiety have been dominating my days. Some days, it’s hard to get out of bed, or find the simple joy in doing things that I normally do. So I hope these tips can help you, and me.

Give Yourself Permission To Be Sad

First, I am guilty of ignoring this rule, and I’d bet that some of you are too. For some reason, I think that everything should be happy and good 24/7, which isn’t healthy or normal. So stop putting all this pressure on yourself to be in a good mood all the time. The first step in dealing with mental illness is telling yourself that it’s okay to not be okay. Our feelings are valid.

Sleep The Day Away

Does everyone feeling stressed when they sleep all day? Or is it just me? I am trying hard to remind myself that sleep is good for the brain. When you’re depressed, sleep can help clear your mind. Living with a mental illness is hard, and can lead to negative thinking. So, fo ahead and sleep off the sadness and destructive thoughts.

Talk It Out

It can be hard to share your feelings when you have anxiety and depression. But I have always found it better to open up to people, rather than keeping my feelings bottled up. I am blessed to have some amazing people in my life that I can talk to on the rough days. However, I know not everyone has a support system. There are plenty of online, text, and talk help lines. Crisis Text Line is a 24/7 chat that helps people with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more.

Find Your Playlist

Music is such a powerful healing tool. When you are dealing with mental health issues, having a ‘default’ playlist you can go to can really help. Just shut the world out, and simply listen to the lyrics. Trying having a mix of sad songs, mental illness related songs and songs that make you happy on your playlist. Or playlists for your individual moods. You know yourself, run with it.

The Little Things

We always forget to think about the little things in life. Whatever is weighing you down, when you see it come to the forefront of your thoughts, just stop for a moment. Think about all the little things in your life that lift you up. We all have a reason – no matter how small – to smile.

I’d like to think that this post has reached someone, even one person, that needed to see these words today. We may not be fighting the same battle, but we are all fighting a battle. Now wake up, take a deep breath, and ride your wave. Help this post reach that one person that needs to see it, and like, share, subscribe.

Until The Next Chapter,


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Great post and great advice!