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Today, I will be doing a post on how I write my blog posts. I know this may seem like a weird topic for a blog post, but I thought it would be interesting to share. Here’s how I formulate my blog post ideas, edit post and keep track of reviews. I try to stay extremely organized regarding blog posts. Especially since I put up 3, sometimes 4, posts a week. I have to plan out all my posts for the month and then some. Currently, I have a list of blog post ideas that will last me until November. However, a true blogger knows that things change and you have to move posts around all the time. I just prefer having a master list of ideas that I can pull from at any given time.

I feel like I am constantly writing posts and thinking of ideas. So to make it easier on myself, I try to write my posts for the coming week on Sundays. I edit them and schedule them to go up. Now that doesn’t always work out thus, I am writing this post Monday, August 16th and it is going up on my blog today. Some quick post ideas are tags, top five favorites, and recommendations. Usually I like to have back-up posts ready to go live on days like today, but that isn’t always the case.

As for reviews, I try to jot down my thoughts throughout reading the book. This way I have my thoughts while reading the book and my overall final thoughts. It takes a lot of trial and error to perfect blog reviews, and come up with something you like. Right now I like my review style, but I am sure it will change later in my blogging life. As for editing posts, I am terrible at grammar. There are some free grammar and spell checker tools on the internet. There are paid versions as well.

I have noticed that grammar editors tend to change your writing style, so keep that in mind before investing in one. Luckily, I have my husband who is willing to proof read my posts. I will typically do one final proof read myself just for safety. A big tip when writing posts is not to focus so much on SEO. As a blogger that is something we are all trying to prefect, but sometimes your writing style and SEO aren’t going to agree. It is better to put out a post that reflects you instead of one that checks off all the SEO boxes.

I hope that this post interests you in someway. Please check back for other bookish and lifestyle posts.

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Legendborn // Book Review

Title: Legendborn
Author: Tracy Deonn
Published: 2020
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy

Bree witnesses a magical attack her very first night on campus. A flying demon feeding on human energies. A secret society of so called “Legendborn” students that hunt the creatures down. And a mysterious teenage mage who calls himself a “Merlin” and who attempts—and fails—to wipe Bree’s memory of everything she saw. The mage’s failure unlocks Bree’s own unique magic and a buried memory with a hidden connection: the night her mother died, another Merlin was at the hospital. Now that Bree knows there’s more to her mother’s death than what’s on the police report, she’ll do whatever it takes to find out the truth, even if that means infiltrating the Legendborn as one of their initiates.
Source: Goodreads

This book is filled with twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a new fantasy book series with a lot of elements to it. I enjoyed certain aspects of the story. Others, not so much. At first, I didn’t know how to feel about the main character, Bree. She was very guarded, which I’m not usually a fan of. However, it worked for her, considering she was still going through the motions of her mother’s death.

I enjoyed the magic system that the author created in the story. By the end of the book everything fell into place and worked well together. It was pretty mind-blowing. As for the world-building, I found it somewhat complex. There was a lot of pieces to the society and it got hard to follow at times. I could see the struggle to navigate the world lowering a readers enjoyment of the story. The author probably should have simplified things, since it was only the first book in the series.

“Don’t make your life about the loss. Make it about the love.”

One of my least favorite aspects was the romance. Bree’s relationship with Nick started off fine, but it quickly became that prepackaged ‘insta-love’ that we’ve all had served to us in just about every way imaginable. Nick was falling hard and fast for Bree. He needed to simmer down. He was a little immature, too – always acting hurt when she didn’t tell him things, or trying to defend her. Yes, Bree was stubborn, but she was strong too. She was no damsel-in-distress.

My favorite character was Sel! Although, he wasn’t the main focus of the book, I think he had strong character development throughout the book. On the outside, he has a tough, devil-may-care attitude, but inside he is kind and protective. I can completely see Sel and Bree together, but then again, I love a good hate-to-love romance any day.

The best part of this book was, hands-down, the ending. It was exciting, jawdropping, and left me wanting more. The way the author added a twist that you never saw coming, but worked it in so well, was amazing. I cannot wait for the sequel, and to read more of Tracy Deonn’s work.

Have you read this book? Is it on your TBR? Let me know your thoughts on ‘Legendborn’ in the comments below.

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10 Truths And A Dare // Book Review

Title: 10 Truths And A Dare
Author: Ashley Elston
Published: 2021
Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary

It’s Senior Week! That magical in-between time after classes have ended, but before graduation, that’s filled with gimmicky theme parties, last-minute bonding, and family traditions. Olivia couldn’t be more ready. Class salutatorian, and confident in her future at LSU, she’s poised to sail through to the next phase of her life. But when the tiny hiccup of an unsigned, off-campus P.E. form puts Olivia in danger of not graduating, she has one week to set things straight without tipping off her very big and very nosy extended family.
Source: GoodReads

Last year, I read “10 Blind Dates” by this author. It was a charming YA contemporary set during the Christmas season. I was excited to pickup her newest read, which follows one of the minor characters from that story. This time around, we follow Olivia, who is a straight-A student, salutatorian, and bound for LSU. However, she must complete her required off-campus P.E. course in only a week, or she can kiss graduation goodbye. Sounds like the making of a great contemporary, right? Maybe not.

I wanted to like this book; and believe me, I tried. I felt very disconnected with both the lead character and the plot. I have noticed a trend in YA contemporary females; they are all portrayed as perfect students and planners. Basically extreme versions of Rory Gilmore. Olivia was also an academic perfectionist, but one who couldn’t handle fulfilling a simple P.E. requirement. I understand that someone with a workload of all AP classes might not put much effort into P.E., but why wouldn’t she want a good grade? She is an overachiever, after all.

One plot point that didn’t make sense to me was Olivia’s overbearing mother. The fact that her mother texts her multiple times in an hour, and installed a tracker app on her high-school senior daughter’s phone is a bit much. I don’t know if that was supposed to seem funny, but it was more weird. Also, the title suggests there be more of a truth-or-dare aspect to this story. But the question of truth or dare, was more of a way to get the plot moving, than an actual feature in the story.

A disappointment for me, was that there wasn’t many characters besides Olivia. We did have moments with other characters, like her cousins and love interest, but I wanted more of her extended family. One of the best parts of “10 Blind Dates” was the family relationships, which this book woefully lacked. As for the ending, everything was wrapped up with a nice little bow, but was a bit too convenient and predictable. Also, books about golf, unless they are super original, always bore me.

I am not by any means writing Ashley Elston off, but this book was a letdown. Let me know your thoughts on the book in the comments below. You can follow the blog via email to get notified whenever I post.

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Book Review: You Should See Me In A Crown by Leah Johnson

Title: You Should See Me In A Crown
Author: Leah Johnson
Published: 2020
Rating: 5.0/5.0 Stars

Synopsis: Liz Lighty has always believed she’s too black,
too poor, too awkward to shine in her small, rich, prom-obsessed midwestern town. But it’s okay—Liz has a plan that will get her out of Campbell, Indiana, forever: attend the uber-elite Pennington College, play in their world-famous orchestra, and become a doctor. But when the financial aid she was counting on unexpectedly falls through, Liz’s plans come crashing down, until she’s reminded of her school’s scholarship for prom king and queen. There’s nothing Liz wants to do less than endure a gauntlet of social media trolls, catty competitors, and humiliating public events, but despite her devastating fear of the spotlight she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get to Pennington.
Source: GoodReads

I am a huge fan of YA contemporaries. I would go as far as to say they are my favorite genre to read, so when I heard about this book from multiple Booktubers and book bloggers I knew I had to pick it up. The main character of Liz is not only POC, but part of the LGBTQ community. She has overcome the death of her mother, her brother’s chronic illness and anxiety all while living with her loving grandparents who are struggling to get by paycheck to paycheck.

Liz’s life was very relatable, and though I don’t deal with all her struggles I understand her anxiety and fears about not affording college. The main character has such amazing growth, which didn’t happen all at once, but progressed naturally throughout the the book. She ran for prom queen with the hopes of getting a scholarship and nothing more, yet it turned into something greater. She set free a part of herself that she was too sacred to show and learned to stand up for her rights. I feel that the anxiety representation was done well and I connected with her fear of other’s opinions.

“I’m so tired of the way this place treats people who are different, tired of feeling like I exist in the margins of my own life. I deserve better than that.”

She did face friendship struggles, which was probably my least favorite aspect of the story. I enjoyed the fact that she reconnected with an old friend, still I wish that it showed how friends change and grow apart especially at a young age. Instead it went another route, which was completely fine just not my favorite. Also, there was some major conflict between Liz and her best friend that was mended by the end of the book. However, I feel as though it was resolved rather quickly and there wasn’t much closure to it.

The romance was one of my favorite aspects of the book. It was so cute! Of course the girls go through some ups and downs, but you cannot deny how adorable they are together. I will say that the romance had an instant love feel, but probably very relatable to high-schoolers. I have never been to high school, home schooler here, still in every teen movie there is an instant crush. The love interest was a perfect contrast to Liz since she was outspoken and quirky, and helped Liz come out of her shell.

Someone compared this book to a 90s teen movie and I completely agree. I got all those classic teen romances flick feels that I love so much. If you are in the mood for a super cute contemporary than I recommend you give this one a chance. I hope that you liked this review and please let me know your thoughts on this book. If you want to support me please share and like this post. Also, follow the blog to get notified when I post.

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