I Wrote FanFiction // Coffee Chat

Hi Friends,
Today I thought I would share something slightly embarrassing with you all. I use to write FanFiction. Now writing fanfic isn’t embarrassing in the slightest, but the terrible fanfic I wrote is cringe worthy.

I loved writing at a young age, and would come up with crazy stories for my favorite shows. The stories I wrote weren’t necessarily bad, but funny to look back on. The first one I ever wrote was about ‘Phil Of The Future,’ which was a super cheesy Disney Channel show. It was about this family from the future. I am not sure what time they were from, but I want to say it was the year 2525. They end up getting stuck in the past, which was our present at the time.

In my story, Phil and his family finally make it home. But this means Phil has to say goodbye to his best friend, Keely. He ends up trying to find her in the future. Thus, my story was called ‘Finding Future Keely.’ Aly Michalka played Keely, and if you know anything about her she has a younger sister AJ. So, I imagined that AJ would play her great granddaughter in the future that Phil meets.

The next story was a fanfiction of this underrated French animated series ‘Code Lyoko.’ In the show, these group of 4 kids find a super computer that transports 3 of them to a cyber world where they all have special abilities. They meet Aelita, who is a virtual girl, about their age, that lives in Lyoko. However, when they turned on the computer it awoke Xana who is sort of this evil computer virus that is trying to destroy the world. Now, they must help Aelita stop all of Xana’s evil cyber attacks.

My story was called ‘Lyoko Lockdown’ where Aelita and the other get stuck in Lyoko. It is up to Jeremie their friend and tech genius, who is not in Lyoko, to help get them out before Xana does something horrible. It was a fun story and a silly story, and I honestly didn’t know where I was going with it.

Lastly, I wrote the beginning of what was going to be a Destiel (Supernatural’s Dean and Castiel) story.It was going to be completely smuty. But, again I had no clear direction for the story. None of these stories actually got completed, and writing wasn’t my best. Grammar and spelling were, in my opinion, terrible.

I don’t even know if you can find my ‘Phil Of The Future’ or ‘Code Lyoko’ storie on the fanfiction website anymore. Yep, I posted them online. However, I never posted my Destiel one, since it was literally one page long. I hope that you enjoyed this post about my short lived time as a fanfiction writer. Please leave me a comment letting me know if you ever wrote or still write fanfiction. Also, what are some of your favorite stories? Don’t forget to share and like this post. If you want more posts like this follow the blog.

Until The Next Chapter,

My Blogging Process // Creating Content

Hi Friends,
Today, I will be doing a post on how I write my blog posts. I know this may seem like a weird topic for a blog post, but I thought it would be interesting to share. Here’s how I formulate my blog post ideas, edit post and keep track of reviews. I try to stay extremely organized regarding blog posts. Especially since I put up 3, sometimes 4, posts a week. I have to plan out all my posts for the month and then some. Currently, I have a list of blog post ideas that will last me until November. However, a true blogger knows that things change and you have to move posts around all the time. I just prefer having a master list of ideas that I can pull from at any given time.

I feel like I am constantly writing posts and thinking of ideas. So to make it easier on myself, I try to write my posts for the coming week on Sundays. I edit them and schedule them to go up. Now that doesn’t always work out thus, I am writing this post Monday, August 16th and it is going up on my blog today. Some quick post ideas are tags, top five favorites, and recommendations. Usually I like to have back-up posts ready to go live on days like today, but that isn’t always the case.

As for reviews, I try to jot down my thoughts throughout reading the book. This way I have my thoughts while reading the book and my overall final thoughts. It takes a lot of trial and error to perfect blog reviews, and come up with something you like. Right now I like my review style, but I am sure it will change later in my blogging life. As for editing posts, I am terrible at grammar. There are some free grammar and spell checker tools on the internet. There are paid versions as well.

I have noticed that grammar editors tend to change your writing style, so keep that in mind before investing in one. Luckily, I have my husband who is willing to proof read my posts. I will typically do one final proof read myself just for safety. A big tip when writing posts is not to focus so much on SEO. As a blogger that is something we are all trying to prefect, but sometimes your writing style and SEO aren’t going to agree. It is better to put out a post that reflects you instead of one that checks off all the SEO boxes.

I hope that this post interests you in someway. Please check back for other bookish and lifestyle posts.

Until The Next Chapter,