Weyward // Book Review

About The Book
In 2019, Kate escapes her abusive partner to live in Weyward Cottage, inherited from a mysterious great-aunt. In 1619, Altha awaits trial for murder, desperately fighting accusations of witchcraft. During World War II, Violet is confined to her family’s estate, seeking answers about her mother’s mysterious past. These intertwined stories of Kate, Altha, and Violet span five centuries, highlighting their resilience. “Weyward” is a captivating debut novel about female strength.
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My Rating

I’ll admit, I wasn’t immediately drawn into the story, but there was something about it that kept me intrigued. As I delved deeper, I found myself captivated by the historical elements and witchy vibes. Plus, the way all three characters and timelines were woven together was nothing short of brilliant.

I’ve never been a huge fan of historical fiction, but the book has completely changed my perspective. Turns out, I have a soft spot for stories that blend history with a touch of magical realism. Who knew? I think that the writing really helped me enjoy the genre, and I’ll definitely be reading more books by this author in the future.

Let’s talk characters. Altha, Violet, and Kate—three women from different time periods, each with their own story to tell. While I liked them all, I couldn’t shake the feeling that they lacked distinct personalities. Still, their journeys were compelling enough to keep me turning the pages.

“Everything is made out of magic, leaves and trees, flowers and birds, badgers and foxes and squirrels and people. So it must be all around us.”

When it comes to pacing, it’s not what I’d call a fast-moving story. But you know what? That’s okay. The slower pace actually worked in favor of the narrative, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the plot and each character’s story. I was completely invested, despite having a pretty good idea of where the plot was headed.

Now, here’s something I didn’t love so much about the book. While I appreciated the feminist themes woven throughout, I couldn’t help but feel like the portrayal of men was a bit one-sided. Sure, not all men are saints, but lumping them all together felt a tad unfair. It would have been nice to see a broader range of male characters, acknowledging that while some men can be horrible, others can be kind and true of heart.

Overall, this is a beautifully written novel with an intriguing storyline. The ending tied everything up nicely, though I couldn’t shake the feeling that the feminist message was a bit heavy-handed. Still, it’s definitely worth a read, especially if you’re a fan of historical fiction with a magical twist. It’s 100% a girls supporting girls book, which is great, but it also contains a lot of triggering topics, so please check out Trigger Warning Database for a complete list.

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Daisy Jones And The Six // Book Review

About The Book
Discover the reason behind one of the greatest rock bands’ of the 70s, ‘Daisy Jones & The Six, breakup at the peak of their fame. Daisy, a young woman in 1960s L.A., dreams of rock ‘n’ roll stardom amidst a backdrop of sex, drugs, and the Sunset Strip. Meanwhile, Billy, the leader of The Six, faces the pressures of impending fatherhood and fame. Their paths collide, leading to a legendary collaboration chronicled in this gripping oral history by Taylor Jenkins Reid.
Buy The Book: https://amzn.to/3y1y1tF

My Rating

This is a riveting tale that defies genre expectations, and even managed to captivate me – someone that typically steers away from historical or literary fiction. The documentary-style format adds a unique layer to the storytelling, and they did a wonderful job at giving a realistic look into the glamorous, yet tumultuous, world of a 70’s rock band. The audiobook, with its immersive narration, further enhances the experience, and brings the characters – and their journeys – vividly to life.

What truly sets the novel apart is its richly developed characters, each offering a distinct perspective on the trials and tribulations of stardom. Daisy Jones, in particular, emerges as a character of remarkable depth, her struggles and evolution serving as a poignant exploration of identity and self-discovery. Even characters like Bill, who I would describe as the egotistical lead singer of The Six, undergoes a positive character development, gradually winning me over, despite his flaws.

At its core, the book is a story about love, self-acceptance, and the complexities of relationships. Through the lens of a legendary band’s rise and fall, the novel explores themes of authenticity, ambition, and the often elusive nature of true connection. It’s a compelling narrative, that resonates long after the final page is turned.

“It’s like some of us are chasing after our nightmares the way other people chase dreams.”

The author’s skillful storytelling ensures that even though I was initially skeptical of the subject matter, I found myself engrossed in the narrative. With its seamless blend of drama, romance, and rock ‘n’ roll excess, the book is an irresistibly addictive read that will appeal to music lovers and literary enthusiasts alike.

Overall, despite any initial reservations, I was truly happy that I decided to give the book a chance. The satisfying conclusion serves as a testament to the author’s ability to craft a captivating story that transcends genre boundaries. I can understand why Taylor Jenkins Reid is such a popular and well loved author.

The book does touch on some potentially triggering topics, so please visit Book Trigger Warnings to get a complete list. Don’t forget to hit the follow button, so that you never miss a post!

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Ruthless Vows // Book Review

About The Book
Get ready for the epic conclusion every reader of Divine Rivals has been waiting for. An unforgettable story of love and betrayal, Ruthless Vows brings Iris and Roman closer together as they face impossible choices. The epic conclusion to the intensely romantic and beautifully written story that started in Divine Rivals.
Buy The Book: https://amzn.to/499o0ay

My Rating

I wouldn’t say that I was disappointed in this book, by any means. However, I wouldn’t agree that it lived up to the first book. I was simultaneously putting off reading this book and dying to pick it up. Since, the first book was done so well, and the cliffhanger ending left me heartbroken, I needed to know what was going to happen. Yet, I was scared that I wasn’t going to love this conclusion as much. Before you keep reading, know that this review will have spoilers since it is the second book in a duology.

The book picks up right where the first book left off, and we find Iris living back at home with her brother heartbroken about being separated from Roman. While Roman is being healed and taken hostage (so to speak) by the god Dacre to be his personal war correspondent. And, let me just say, I couldn’t wait for Iris and Roman to find each other once again. Because, their relationship is what really makes this story for me.

Something that I loved about this book was that there weren’t any slow paced moments. The first book took a while to get into the heart of the story, but this was very fast paced. But, my favorite thing was that we didn’t wait endless chapters for Iris and Roman to meet again. The author doesn’t do slow burn, and doesn’t drags things out needlessly, which I am a major fan of. I’m an impatient girl, so if you’re like me, then you’ll enjoy the fact that she doesn’t make us wait forever for things to happen.

As for the plot, we are still following the war, but this time we get a little more context on the Gods. We learn about Dacre and a bit more about Enva. And, it went more into depth about the magic system. The first book focused more with the romance side of things, which this book does as well. However, I believe that the stakes were higher in this book than in the first.

“Write me a story where there is no ending, Kitt. Write to me and fill my empty spaces.”

We got to see more of the side characters in this book, which was nice. I loved Attie in the first book, and her playing a bigger role in this plot was great. Also, romance the author gave her was a nice added touch. And, let’s not forget Forest, Iris’ brother, we don’t see him much in the book but the author does a great job of showcasing how fighting in a war can effect someone, and the emotional and physical toll it takes on someone.

But, I will say that this book just like the first is centered on love. It shows that true love can conquer anything and the length one will go for love. If you have read the first book than you know that the war was started because of love, but in actuality in infatuation, which are to very different things. Dacre felt entitled to not only Enva but the people of the world, yet he did nothing that made him deserving of that love. The book shows that wanting love and deserving it are two very different things, and even Gods can be selfish creatures.

Overall, the book was written beautifully, and was a great conclusion to the duology. However, there were some moments that broke my heart but I kept it together and surprising didn’t cry. But, if you have read the first book and it wasn’t as intense as you would have preferred than I would suggest you giving this book a chance. It is a lot more fast paced while still being mainly a magical romance rather than a fantasy.

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House Of Hunger // Book Review

About The Book
WANTED – Bloodmaid of exceptional taste. Must have a keen proclivity for life’s finer pleasures. Girls of weak will need not apply. Though she knows little about the far north—where wealthy nobles live in luxury and drink the blood of those in their service—Marion applies to the position. But when she discovers that the ancient walls of the House of Hunger hide even older secrets.
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My Rating

If you are a fan of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ then you are going to love this book. It seriously gives the “1800’s Salvatore Brothers/Katherine Pierce” vibes, and I loved it. This comes from a primarily non-historical fiction reader, but the fact that it was mixed with a bit of an odd blood drinking twist really made it work for me.

The book follows a young woman named Marion, who decides to take a position as a bloodmaid. Essentially, bloodmaids are women who are paid to bleed for very wealthy and powerful families. However, I thought that this was a Vampire-esque story. But don’t be mistaken, it is not. The author never references the blood drinking creatures of the night, so as I understand it, that these are regular wealthy families that use blood to sustain their lives.

Marion was an incredible protagonist. Yes, at times, she enjoyed being a bloodmaid, and submitting to Countess Lisavet charms. However, she was not easily fooled, and could tell that things were not as they seemed. She was smart, and I think that all her time growing up in a toxic environment made her more aware of when things seemed strange.

“Sometimes I feel like I’ve been building you a House out of my own bones.”

As for the Countess, she gave off major Katherine Pierce vibes. She was charming; she knew exactly what to say, and do, to get what she wanted. It was easy to fall under her spell. I simultaneously hated and loved her at the same time. She is a rather complex character.

I loved watching Marion, interacting with the other bloodmaids. They formed a family bond, which makes sense – when you sell your blood with a bunch of other women, you are going to feel a connection with them.

Overall, the writing is what made the story excellent, and it really came to life. It was well paced, and kept me wanting to read. And the ending? Incredible! It is not particularly a scary book, but it gives off eerie gothic vibes that make it a great fall read. I devoured this book! It may not be for everyone, but I highly enjoyed and recommend it.

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The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola // Book Spotlight

Hi Friends,
I was onced against asked by @BreakevenBooks to participate in the blog tour. This time for ‘The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola’ by Melissa Muldoon. I’m not usually a fan of historical fiction, but this book has me very intrigued.

Buy The Book: https://amzn.to/3L1yaRd

About The Book

Set in the sixteenth century, The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola tells the story of a woman’s passion for painting and adventure. In a world where women painters had little to no acknowledgment, she was singled out by Michelangelo and Vasari who recognized and praised her talent. Gaining the Milanese elite’s acclaim, she went on to become court painter to Spanish King Philip II and taught his queen to paint. One can’t live such an extraordinary life without having stories to tell, and tell them Sofonisba does to Sir Anthony Van Dyke, who comes to visit her toward the end of her life. During their meeting, she agrees to reveal her secrets but first challenges the younger painter to find the one lie hidden in her tale. In a saga filled with intrigue, jealousy, buried treasure, unrequited love, espionage, and murder, Sofonisba’s story is played out against the backdrop of Italy, Spain, and Sicily. Throughout her life, she encountered talented artists, authoritative dukes, mad princes, religious kings, spying queens, vivacious viscounts, and dashing sea captains—even a Barbary pirate. But of all the people who fell in love with Sofonisba, only one captured her heart. Sofonisba had many secrets, but only she knows the whole truth.

Book Excerpt 

​End of Chapter 2 (Sir Anthony visits Sofonisba toward the end of her long life)

​Anthony stroked his trim beard and regarded her thoughtfully. “You are a most intriguing woman.”
​With a brow raised, she said, “You’d be surprised by the things I know and the places I’ve been.” ​
​“So, the painter has a secret past?” said Van Dyke. “I’d like to know your stories and…” He paused and glanced up when Cecilia re-entered the room.
​Sofonisba watched as the young man warmly regarded the slim young girl and noted Cecilia too was aware of his admiration by the way she self-consciously set the silver tray and teapot on the small table between them. When Anthony reached out a hand to steady one of the cups and accidentally grazed her fingers, the maid giggled, forgetting her station.
​Sofonisba coughed ever so slightly, and Cecilia turned toward her with a bemused expression. Then, coming to her senses as if she realized she was not comporting herself respectably, she hastily curtsied and left the room. ​
​Pouring out the tea, Sofonisba said, “I see you are indeed a rake, sir. And here I thought your attentions were all for me.”
​He raised an eyebrow as he reached for a small biscuit with sugar coating. “Don’t try to change the subject.”
​“Yes, where were we…”
​“I asked if you’d share with me your stories.”
​“Ah, well… I’m sure any tale I had to tell would bore you to tears,” she replied.
​He gestured to the portraits on the far wall. “The many faces of the woman that decorate this room beg to differ. Each portrait has a hidden story that begs to be revealed.”
​“And how would you know?”
​“Need I remind you? I am a painter too. Like you, I am an excellent judge of character—and the eyes never conceal what a person is really feeling or thinking. See that girl in the blue gown?” he asked, indicating the portrait that had captured her attention earlier.
​She looked at him, interested to hear what he had to say.​
​“That young woman possesses such grace and extreme confidence—those are things a man can easily fall in love with. I believe that woman has something to reveal to me. After all, with a paintbrush and a rare talent, she traveled the world, painting for kings and queens…” He observed her keenly. “Signora, you have had a remarkable career. You dared to be different, and I want to know how you managed to accomplish all you did.”
​“Fair enough,” she finally admitted. “Yes, I defied them that I did. I was never one for conventions. I never believed I needed a husband to keep me and be my master. I always thought I’d live a solitary life, never to be bothered by love.”
​“But love found you…”
​“Yes, it did. Several times,” she admitted, gazing over his shoulder at the portrait of the young woman in blue.
​“Tell me about the one you’ve never forgotten.”
​She studied the man before her, then said with a gleam in her eye, “He was a handsome lad, with a head of thick black curls. The kind of man that steals a girl’s heart the moment she lays eyes on him.” She assessed him again, taking in his elegant coat and deerskin breeches. “Kind of like yourself, tesoro, though not in such a dandified manner!”
​Her retort caught him by surprise, and when his shoulders started to shake, he nearly spilled tea on his jacket.
​“Still,” Sofonisba continued, “despite his striking good looks, he was a man of courage, one who dared to dream, took chances, and risked everything to win my heart… then broke it in two.” She was quiet for a moment and then sighed. “You don’t forget the first man you ever loved—especially if you lose him…”
​“There, I knew it! You do have intriguing tales to tell me.”
​“Oh, I admit I have many,” Sofonisba said with a soft laugh. “So… it is my life you wish to hear about, is it? You want to learn the secrets of Sofonisba?”
​“I’m all ears, signora. Please don’t hold back.” He filled his cup and then, looking over the brim, said, “I want to know everything from the beginning. I’m sure it will be quite diverting.”
​“From the beginning… Ehi, you do realize how old I am? That would take more than an hour!”
​“We have all afternoon… Goodness knows, I’ve only just arrived in Italy and have no urgent appointments. Besides, there is no place I’d rather be than in your company.”
​“There you go again with your flattery, sir.” She looked at him askance. “Are you really sure you want to hear the ramblings of an old woman?”
​“Just tell me the titillating parts…”
​Sofonisba eyed him with amusement. “Messer… I am a lady!” Modestly she looked at her hands resting demurely in her lap, but when she glanced up and saw him watching her with a raised eyebrow, she let out a snort. “Well… all right, since you’ve traveled all this way, Anthony, I’ll entertain you with a story.”
​She paused and leaned forward. “But to keep me amused as well, it will be far more enjoyable to play a little game with you…”​
​When he looked at her curiously, Sofonisba said with a chuckle, “Beware, Anthony! I caution you to pay close attention to what I am about to reveal because woven into my words of truth will be one small fabrication.”
​She settled back into her chair, took a sip of tea, then added, “It is up to you, dear signore, to determine fact from fiction. See if you can discover the single lie in all I am about to tell you.”

About The Author

Melissa Muldoon is the author of four novels set in Italy: Dreaming Sophia, Waking Isabella, Eternally Artemisia, and The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola. All four books tell the stories of women and their journeys of self-discovery to find love, uncover hidden truths, and follow their destinies to shape a better future for themselves. She is the managing director of Matta Press. She teaches Italian and curates StudentessaMatta.com, the dual-language website in Italian and English that promotes the Italian language and culture. Melissa has a B.A. in fine arts, art history, and European history from Knox College, a liberal arts college in Galesburg, Illinois, and a master’s degree in art history from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. She studied painting and art history in Florence and ran her own graphic design firm for many years. Melissa illustrated her novels’ cover art and translated her second novel into Italian — Il risveglio di Isabella. Melissa also curates the Art of Loving Italy website and Pinterest site, where you will find companion pictures and visual references for all her novels. Visit MelissaMuldoon.com for more information about Melissa’s books and StudentessaMatta.com for tips to learn and practice Italian at home and in Italy with Melissa.


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RIHOAS Wishlist // Toss-Up Tuesday

Hi Friends,
In this Toss-Up Tuesday post, I wanted to share a wishlist of mine with you guys. I have been itching to switch up my wardrobe lately, which typically happens during every new year. I’ve been gravitating more towards online clothing stores. When RIHOAS contacted me, I didn’t know much about them, but found their clothing to be super cute. So, I have put together a list of 5 of my favorite items on their site.

The Wine Red Off-The-Shoulder Ruched Velvet Midi Dress ($42.00)
This dress is stunning! I love the off-the-shoulder style, and the color is one of my favorites. It’s sexy, but without being too revealing, which I’m here for.

The Balloon Sleeves Satin Crop Blouse ($30.00)
I’m not so sure how good this top will look on me, but I’d love to have it in my closet. And, out of all three colors the purple is my favorite. I’m typically an all black clothing girl, but something about this top and this color screams, “Buy me!”

The Velvet Buttoned Asymmetric Skort ($33.00)
I’m a fan of skorts! This one is very classy, and great for a date night or party. However, I can see myself dressing it down for everyday wear as well.

The High Waisted Plaid Pleated Skort ($41.00)
Yep, another skort. This one is giving me all the school girl and ‘Clueless’ vibes, and I’m living for it. This item is on my wishlist not only because it’s cute, but it also makes my 90’s girl heart happy.

The Backless Ribbed One-piece Swimsuit ($16.00)
Honestly, I adore this one piece. I’m not usually a fan of plunging necklines, but it works here. And, the color is perfect for summertime.

All of these pieces and pretty much everything on the RIHOAS site makes me feel like these outfits are straight from a historical fiction novel. What more could a book lover ask for? In the comments, let me know which of these pieces is your favorite. Don’t forget to like and share this post with others!

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Book Haul // May 2022

Hi Friends,
I did a little book shopping last month, and always like sharing all the books that I buy with you. Keep in mind that I didn’t pick up all these books at once, but across multiple trips. I have been loving the Barnes and Noble buy one get one 50% off deal. Honestly, book sales are my kryptonite. Plus all the 2022 releases have been so good, that I can’t stop myself from buying them. I have been adding a ton to my Wishlist! Okay, that’s enough rambling, let’s get straight to the haul!

Barnes and Noble

Wicked As You Wish by Rin Chupeco
What if every story you’d ever heard was true? Jack killed the giants. Red slayed the wolf. Rapunzel fled the tower. But the greatest one of all, had yet to be told.

All Our Hidden Gifts by Caroline O’Donoghue
Maeve’s strangely astute tarot readings make her the talk of the school, until a classmate draws a chilling and unfamiliar card—and then disappears.

Lock the Doors by Vincent Ralph
The truth won’t stay hidden behind locked doors. A brand new addictive, psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of 14 WAYS TO DIE—for fans of Karen McManus, Holly Jackson, and Lisa Jewell.

Love from Scratch by Kaitlyn Hill
This summer, Reese Camden is trading sweet tea and Southern hospitality for cold brew and crisp coastal air. She’s landed her dream marketing internship at Friends of Flavor, a wildly popular cooking channel in Seattle. The only problem? Benny Beneventi, the relentlessly charming, backwards-baseball-cap-wearing culinary intern—and her main competition for the fall job.

The Shadow in the Glass by JJA Harwood
One night, among her beloved books of far-off lands, Ella’s wishes are answered. At the stroke of midnight, a fairy godmother makes her an offer that will change her life: seven wishes, hers to make as she pleases. But each wish comes at a price and Ella must decide whether it’s one she’s willing to pay… A smouldering, terrifying new spin on Cinderella – perfect for fans of Laura Purcell and Erin Morgenstern.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
Like many ambitious New York City teenagers, Craig Gilner sees entry into Manhattan’s Executive Pre-Professional High School as the ticket to his future. Determined to succeed at life—which means getting into the right high school to get into the right college to get the right job—Craig studies night and day to ace the entrance exam, and does. That’s when things start to get crazy.

10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston
Would you let your family play matchmaker to help you get over a broken heart? Ashley Elston’s 10 Blind Dates is the perfect Christmas treat: delicious, warm, funny, escapist YA romance.

The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys
Master storyteller Ruta Sepetys once again shines light into one of history’s darkest corners in this epic, heart-wrenching novel about identity, unforgettable love and the hidden violence of silence.


Omens Bite: Sisters of Salem by Kristin Cast and P. C. Cast
Twin sisters, Mercy and Hunter are witches, direct descendants of the Goode family, the founders of their town. After the murder of their mother at the hands of a foul demon, they have become the protectors of the Gates to different underworlds–ancient portals between their world and realms where mythology rules and the darkest of creatures exist.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry
An insightful, delightful, instant #1 New York Times bestseller from the author of Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation.

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. But until now, fans have heard only Bella’s side of the story. At last, readers can experience Edward’s version in the long-awaited companion novel, Midnight Sun.

The Fear by Natasha Preston
Hot on the heels of the New York Times bestsellers The Twin and The Lake, the undisputed queen of YA thrillers is back. Don’t be afraid. Be terrified.

14 Ways To Die by Vincent Ralph
ONE KILLER. THIRTEEN VICTIMS. A MILLION VIEWS. A page-turning thriller for the social media age, perfect for fans of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and One of Us Is Lying.

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
An addictive and twisty thriller, full of dark family secrets and deadly stakes. Perfect for fans of Karen McManus and Holly Jackson. A BILLION-DOLLAR FORTUNE TO DIE FOR.



Love, Life, and the List by Kasie West
What do you do when you’ve fallen for your best friend? Funny and romantic, this effervescent story about family, friendship, and finding yourself is perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han.

Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss by Kasie West
Fan favorite author Kasie West delivers an effervescent story about chasing your dreams and following your heart, perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Huntley Fitzpatrick.

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West
Smartly observed and wonderfully romantic, Kasie West’s talent shines in this tale of one girl’s unexpected quest to find love…and possibly herself.

On the Fence by Kasie West
On the Fence is a sweet and satisfying read about finding yourself and finding love where you least expect it.

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
Caymen Meyers learned early not to trust the rich. Enter Xander Spence he’s tall, handsome, and wealthy. Despite his charm and the fact that he’s one of the first people who actually gets her, she knows his interest won’t last. But soon she finds out that money is a much bigger part of their relationship than she’d ever realized.

Moment of Truth by Kasie West
Beloved author Kasie West once again delivers a witty, lighthearted romance that will charm her legions of fans and is perfect for readers of Jenny Han and Huntley Fitzpatrick.

American Royals by Katharine McGee
What if America had a royal family? If you can’t get enough of Harry and Meghan or Kate and William, meet American princesses Beatrice and Samantha. Crazy Rich Asians meets The Crown. Perfect for fans of Red, White, and Royal Blue and The Royal We!

Those are all the books that I have splurged on lately. Yes, I know, it isn’t a small haul, but I have a serious book addiction. However, I find that is pretty typical for most book lovers. Still, I would like to go on a small book buying ban. Or at least try to have a bit more self control when it comes to book shopping. Especially since I am focusing hard on getting through my owned TBR this year. And, with all the new releases coming out I am not doing so well with that goal. I have like no self control when it comes to book shopping. In the comments, let me know your latest book purchases. Before you go, don’t forget to hit that follow button.

Until The Next Chapter,

Winter Book Haul // 2022 #1

Hi Friends,
It is finally time for me to share my first book haul of 2022! My husband has been horrible, and amazing, at feeding into my book addiction. However, I did purchase a good chunk of these books with a gift card I received for Christmas. I usually don’t buy this many books over a two month period, but apparently retail therapy has become my thing. Hopefully, I will have more self control in the coming months, but can one ever have too many books.

Little Women by Louisa May: The timeless tale of four sisters – Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth – experiencing both hardship and adventure in Civil War New England. Though the March family may be poor, their lives are rich with colour, as they play games, put on wild theatricals, make new friends, argue, grapple with their vices, learn from their mistakes, nurse each other through sickness and disappointments, and get into all sorts of trouble.

The Accident Season by Moira Fowley Doyle: For fans of We Were Liars and The Ocean at the End of the Lane comes a haunting magically realistic debut about a family caught between a violent history, a taboo romance, and the mysteries lurking in their own backyard.

Bunnicula: Harold the dog and Chester the cat must find out the truth about the newest pet in the Monroe household—a suspicious-looking bunny with unusual habits…and fangs! Could this innocent-seeming rabbit actually be a vampire?

The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green: Unforgivable betrayals, devious motives, and forbidden love collide in the first installment of internationally bestselling author Sally Green’s epic new fantasy series, perfect for Game of Thrones fans.

My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life by Rachel Cohn: My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life is about learning what it is to be a family, and finding the inner strength to be yourself, even in the most extreme circumstances.

Together We Caught Fire by Eva V. Gibson: A forbidden attraction grows even more complicated when the guy Lane Jamison has crushed on for years suddenly becomes her step-brother in this sexy and gorgeously written debut novel about the lines between love, desire, and obsession.

It’s a Whole Spiel: Love, Latkes, and Other Jewish Stories by Various Authors: Get ready to fall in love, experience heartbreak, and discover the true meaning of identity in this poignant collection of short stories about Jewish teens, including entries by David Levithan, Nova Ren Suma, and more!

Layoverland by Gabby Noone: From debut author Gabby Noone comes a darkly hilarious and heartfelt twist on the afterlife about finding second chances, first loves, and new friendships in the most unlikely places.

It Sounded Better in My Head by Nina Kenwood: A compulsively readable love letter to teenage romance in all of its awkward glory, perfect for fans To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Emergency Contact.

Throw Like a Girl by Sarah Henning: With lovable characters and a charming quarterback love interest, Throw Like a Girl will have readers swooning from the very first page.

We Are the Wildcats by Siobhan Vivian: A toxic coach finds himself outplayed by the high school girls on his team in this deeply suspenseful novel, which unspools over twenty-four hours through six diverse perspectives.

River of Dreams by Jan Nash: Draped in themes of first love and family, secrets and malevolence, and swirling through an exhilarating dream world full of danger, violence, and love, Jan Nash’s exciting debut is a high-stakes adventure full of suspense, romance, and magic, perfect for fans of Stranger Things and Supernatural.

The Best Laid Plans by Cameron Lund: High school senior Keely Collins takes on firsts, lasts, and everything in between in this sweet, sex-positive rom-com for fans of Meg Cabot and Jenny Han.

Geekerella by Ashley Poston: Cinderella goes to the con in this fandom-fueled twist on the classic fairy tale romance.

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood: When a fake relationship between scientists meets the irresistible force of attraction, it throws one woman’s carefully calculated theories on love into chaos.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur: The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache.

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur: Divided into five chapters and illustrated by kaur, the sun and her flowers is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. A celebration of love in all its forms.

Malice by Heather Walter: Once upon a time, there was a wicked fairy who, in an act of vengeance, cursed a line of princesses to die. A curse that could only be broken by true love’s kiss. You’ve heard this before, haven’t you? The handsome prince. The happily ever after. Utter nonsense.

By Your Side by Kasie West: An irresistible story from Kasie West that explores the timeless question: What do you do when you fall for the person you least expect?

Maybe This Time by Kasie West: Beloved author Kasie West brings her signature witty banter and rom-com fun to a bold, fresh format. Think Four Weddings and a Funeral for YA.

Seven Dirty Secrets by Natalie D. Richards: I know seven dirty secrets: One caused the fall. One did nothing. One saw it all. One didn’t care. One used their head. One played the hero. One was left for dead.

The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys: Master storyteller Ruta Sepetys once again shines light into one of history’s darkest corners in this epic, heart-wrenching novel about identity, unforgettable love, repercussions of war, and the hidden violence of silence—inspired by the true postwar struggles of Spain.

Cupcake by Cookie O’Gorman: This new swoon-worthy, feel-good #OwnVoices YA romance from the author of Adorkable celebrates body positivity in all its forms, as well as lifting each other up every day.

Beauty and the Beast by Editors of Studio Fun International: This fresh retelling of Beauty and the Beast follows the story of the classic animated film and includes paintings, sketches, and concept art from the original Disney Studio artists

Happy Dreams, Little Bunny by Leah Hong: This stunningly illustrated debut is The Runaway Bunny for a new generation—a captivating flight of fancy that also helps children lull themselves into dreamland.

This book haul was surprisingly bigger than I originally thought it would be. Sorry not sorry. I would love to know what books you have recently bought or pre-ordered. Also, did you know following my blog really helps it grow? By following you will get notified about all my posts, which I work so hard on. You won’t want to miss any of my upcoming bookish posts!

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