Séance Tea Party // Mini Book Review

About The Book
Lora wants to stay a kid forever, and she’ll do anything to make that happen including befriending Alexa, the ghost who haunts her house. Lora and Alexa are thrilled to meet kindred spirits and they become best friends but unfortunately, not everything can last forever. Reimena Yee brings to life a story about growing up, childhood, and what it means to let go. A middle-grade graphic novel about growing up that’s perfect for fans of Ghosts and Making Friends.
Buy The Book: https://amzn.to/3QuJRDt

My Rating

This graphic novel has become one of my favorites! It’s a touching ghost story, but it also has elements about growing up, and changing. The book is a quick read that is great for the fall season, but isn’t a scary ghost story. I found it to be a very heartwarming middle-grade read.

The story follows Lora, who is struggling with her fading friend group. She meets Alexa, a young ghost around her age that is haunting her house. They form a bond and become the best of friends. But, as readers we know that ghosts always have to move on. Still, Lore and Alexa were great characters, and the side characters, though few, were also very likable.

“To childhood, and growing up, and growing old, and magic – whatever age we are.”

I loved the writing, story, and artwork. It is such a beautiful story, and I think that is reflected really well in the art style. I loved watching Alexa and Lora create this friendship, but it was sad to see Lora grow and change while Alexa stayed the same. And, don’t get me started on the ending.

Overall, this book is so cute and sad. I’m not going to lie, I sobbed at the ending of this book. The thing is, you can tell how the story is going to end, because it only makes sense. But, that doesn’t make it any less heart breaking. Nevertheless, the story as a whole was wonderful, and such a quick read.

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The Wicked Ones // Book Review

About The Book
The only version of Lady Tremaine that Drizella and Anastasia know is a bitter and cruel head of house. Anastasia and Drizella have promised themselves―and each other―that they’ll be different. They’ll find love, see the world, and never let their hearts go cold. Robin Benway explores the complex sibling rivalry between the two wicked stepsisters from Cinderella that turned them into the characters we know today.
Buy The Book: https://amzn.to/3Yzd5n3

My Rating

I went into this thinking we were going to get a completely new twist on the ugly stepsisters from Cinderella. I thought that perhaps they’ll get a happy ending type story, so something along the lines of a Twisted Tales book. But, I hadn’t read the description full, and that was my mistake. Because in this book we follow Anastasia and Drizella and discover how they became the wicked stepsister we know today.

It was very interesting to be following two characters that aren’t very well liked or even talked about in the Disney Princess world. All most of us know about them is that they are stuck-up, self-centered and cruel to Cinderella. So, getting to know them was actually pretty fun. Anastasia is the young sister with a desire for romance. While Drizella has a passion for learning, especially love of science.

I was pretty shocked with how cruel Lady Tremaine was in the story. We all know she’s evil but she was outright manipulative and nasty to her own daughters. Her coldness was a big factor in the story, with Anastasia finding the love she longed for in a boy. While Drizella found a mother figure that encouraged her interest in science.

“Because after all, Anastasia and Drizella are just the two ugly stepsisters, nothing more.”

In the story, we do get the whole Prince’s ball aspect, which interesting. Since this is more like a prequel to Cinderella, I wouldn’t have expected the ball to be included. However, I guess we must just assume that the following year Prince Charming throws another ball to find a wife.

The writing style was wonderful, and it was a quick read. I couldn’t put it down, and felt like the author did a wonderful job bringing the story and characters to life. I liked the little nods she added to the original story, such as the origin behind Prince Charming’s name. And, even showing how Lucifer became the family’s beloved pet.

Overall, the book was very well-done, but if I had to describe it in one word, I would say it’s sad. There were so many times throughout the book that I cried my eyes out. Normally, I wouldn’t think a Disney retelling would make sob, but this one proved me wrong. However, she did a fantastic job getting me to feel bad for to characters that are known to be pretty wicked, making you wonder if maybe they aren’t so ugly on the inside.

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The Stand-In // Book Review

About The Book
Gracie Reed’s barely holding it all together. But when a mysterious SUV pulls up beside her, revealing Chinese cinema’s golden couple Wei Fangli and Sam Yao, Gracie’s world is turned on its head. Fangli so desperately needs her help. Readers will delight in this glamourous, swoon worthy enemies-to-lovers romance that is as hilarious as it is heart-wrenching.
Buy The Book: https://amzn.to/3QoG5f0

My Rating

This is a fun romantic comedy with the ‘The Prince and the Pauper’ trope. In the book, we follow Gracie balancing an uncomfortable work situation, getting her mom into a top-notch nursing home, and trying to create the best planner app. But, her life is flipped upside down when she gets approached by Chinese star Wei Fangli, and her supposed boyfriend Sam Yao, and asked to be her stand-in.

Now this isn’t a doppelganger story, because throughout the book- it is mentioned that the two don’t look completely alike. However, with the right makeup, clothing and lighting- they look almost identical. And, I loved every second of this book – because this is one of my favorite plot devices.

Gracie is a very shy and non-confrontational person, so she rarely, if ever, stands up for herself or goes after what she wants. I am not a fan of characters that are pushovers, but I did love seeing Gracie’s character development throughout the book. Even though the ending was a little too far fetched and happily-ever-after for my liking.

“No one else can be you. No one else can tell your story like you. You are unique. So write the movie you want to see.”

There were so many great side characters within the story, such as the love interest, Sam. You could almost call this a grumpy/sunshine romance, since Sam was much more serious than Gracie, but they did help bring out a different side of each other. Gracie was able to speak her mind to Sam. And, he let her show him how to be a regular person despite his stardom.

Although she wasn’t shown much, Wei was another great character. Her storyline was a nice addition to the plot. This is, first and foremost, a full romance plot, but mental health does play a role as well. Struggles with depression and anxiety are talked about throughout the story. I appreciate how the author let it be known that it’s okay to seek help and get on medication.

Overall, the writing was phenomenal, and really kept me interested. However, I did find that the book was a bit long, and slow at times. But that ending was amazing! I didn’t see it coming, yet it worked well and wrapped everything together. Looking back on it, however, there was a lot of foreshadowing, so one could probably figure out the twist.

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August 2023 // To Be Read

Hi Friends,
It’s TBR time again! Just like last month, I’m using a prompt list I found off Pinterest to help me pick my prompts. There are 50 prompts, and I use a random number generator to help me pick the prompts. I started off by using the same random number generator to help see how many books I’ll be reading. I only do 1 – 10, because I usually don’t read more than 10 books in a month. This time around, I got 9, so I’ll be reading 9 books and picking 9 prompts!

However, just like last month I can only pick books off my physical TBR or audiobooks I own/have on the Libby app.

My first pick was number 23 and the prompt is ‘Read a Historical Fiction Novel’. Honestly, I struggled with this prompt, because I don’t really gravitate towards historical fiction, but with my husband’s help, I ended up choosing ‘The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’ by Stuart Turton. I don’t know much about this book, except that it’s a murder mystery set in the 1920s.

The next prompt is 21, which is ‘Read a Book Set in NY ’. I had a few options for this, but I decided to pick an adult thriller that I’ve been dying to get to, ‘Not a Happy Family’ by Shari Lapena. I’m not really sure what this book is about, but it does take place in New York, so it fits the prompt.

Then I got prompt 27, which was ‘Read A Book with a Happily-Ever-After ending’. The book that I will be reading for this prompt is ‘When In Rome’ by Sarah Adams. I’m not entirely sure if this has a happy ending, but it’s a romance, so I’m going to assume it does.

The next prompt was number 48, which is ‘Read A New To You Author’. I had a few options for this but I ultimately decided it was time for me to read my first Simone St. James book. I own ‘The Book of Cold Cases’, which is a thriller with a true crime element.

Next up I got prompt 20: ‘Read a Book that Starts with The’. So, the title has to begin with ‘The’, which is pretty easy, considering a lot of book do that with their titles. I’m going with a book that I’ve been wanting to read for a while, which is ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osman. This is apparently a funny mystery book series that takes place in a retirement home.

Yay, I got prompt number 2, which is ‘Read a Book that is More Than 300 Pages’. This book is just barely over 300 pages, abut it makes the cut at 318, and that is ‘The Housemaid Secret’ by Freida McFadden. I read the first book and loved it, so I can’t wait to see if the sequel is even better.

The random number generator was nice to me and gave me number 15, which is ‘Read a Retelling’. I love a good retelling, and have quite a few on my shelf. I went with ‘The Shadow in the Glass’ by J.J.A. Harwood, a gothic retelling of Cinderella.

Luckily, I got prompt 41, ‘Read a Book you Bought’ that’s pretty simple since I have a book buying problem. Although, I’m not actually in the mood for this book, but it’s part of a series and I really want to start finishing some series. The book is ‘Daughter of the Siren Queen’ by Tricia Levenseller. I bought the beautiful special edition hardback copies of this series. I read the first book in June, so I want to get to the second book while the first one is still fresh in my mind.

Last but certainly not least, I got number 7 ‘Read a Thriller, Mystery or Suspense Novel’. This couldn’t be more perfect, because that’s one of my favorite genres. I had a lot of options, but my mood is leaning towards ‘56 Days’ by Catherine Ryan Howard. This is a suspense novel that takes place during the time of Covid and lockdown. I can’t wait for it!

Now for my book club pick! If you don’t know, I have a book club called ‘The Reading Rabbits’ over on the Novellic app. This month the book is ‘You Shouldn’t Have Come Here’ by Jeneva Rose. This is an adult mystery thriller about a woman that falls for a man that starts to become obsessive.

There you have my August TBR! I have many more books that I am in the mood to read, so we’ll see what I actually end up reading. Don’t forget to hit the follow button to get notified whenever there’s a new post.

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Friday Reads #18

Hi Friends,
This is the last weekend in July. I have been reading like crazy, and now I am kind of in a reading slump. However, I hope that these books will pull me out of my reading slump.

The Legacies by Jessica Goodman
I am 30% into this YA thriller book and hope to be done with it soon. Right now, I am not loving it, but I am hoping that it will start to pick up.

When In Rome by Sarah Adams
I have been in the mood for a cute rom-com style adult romance. This book has been on my radar for a while and I own it, which is awesome since I am trying to read more books off my physical TBR. Hopefully, I will get to it by the end of the month.

Furyborn by Claire Legrand
This book has been on many Friday reads and TBRs. I just need to finish it! Since I am becoming more of a fantasy girlie, I think that I might finally be able to binge read the last 50% of this book.

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July 2023 // Book Haul

Hi Friends,
July is coming to an end, so it’s time to share the books that I bought this month. I do have some super exciting pre-orders that haven’t come in yet, but these are the majority of the books that I purchased in July.

The Seven Year Slip: https://amzn.to/3QcTs1C
In The Weeds: https://amzn.to/43JEmEf
The Cheat Sheet: https://amzn.to/44ENv1T
Icebreakers: https://amzn.to/3O7LBjh
The Deal: https://amzn.to/3DtkxGf
The Fine Print: https://amzn.to/478cFaM
Violet Made Of Thorns: https://amzn.to/3q6BDXA
The Prince And The Apocalypse: https://amzn.to/3DwkFoM
Hollow Fires: https://amzn.to/3KgVgDc
The Naturals: https://amzn.to/3Q9IVV9

So, now I have even more books on my physical TBR, but who’s counting, right? Honestly, book buying is just as much as a hobby as reading is for a bookworm. In the comments, let me know which of these books I should make a priority. Don’t forget to follow the blog to get notified about all future posts.

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Finding Her Edge // Book Review

About The Book
Adriana Russo is figure skating royalty. With gold-medalist parents, and her older sister headed to the Olympics, all she wants is to live up to the family name and stand atop the ice dance podium at the Junior World Championships. That means training on the same ice as her first crush, Freddie, the partner she left when her growth spurt outpaced his. For the past two years, he’s barely acknowledged her existence, and she can’t even blame him for it.
Buy The Book: https://amzn.to/3K7mYCc

My Rating

Here’s a little fun fact about me: I love ice skating! That’s right, when I was a kid (and teenager) I thought figure skating was the coolest sport. I even took an ice skating lessons for a year. And, to this day, Ice Princess is probably still my most watched movie. So, when I heard about this YA contemporary following a figure skater, I couldn’t have been more excited for it!

Unfortunately, this book was a total letdown. Now that’s not to say I didn’t like to story, because I found the plot to be really good. And, the book is very fast paced. Honestly, it gave me those Ice Princess vibes that I was hoping for.

However, the major plot of this book was this second chance romance love triangle aspect. I was not a fan of that at all. I typically don’t like second chance romances, so it’s not a big surprise when they fall short for me. In this book, we get four tropes in one. Second chance romance, fake dating, love triangle and unrequited love. And let’s just say I didn’t like the outcome.

As for the characters, I found most of them to be immature and annoying. Although, the side characters were great. and I wish that we had gotten to know them better. I was way more interested in them then the main character, Adriana.

“There are no guarantees in figure skating.”

The book does give a good look into the intense world that is professional figure skating. It made me want to watch a whole series following figure skaters, because it’s a lot of pressure. When you’re part of a duo, you really have to trust your partner. And, I think the author did a good job relaying how competitive it is. Also, partner romances can make things messy.

Overall, I wished that I had liked it more. It wasn’t necessarily a bad book, just not one that I would necessarily recommend or think of in the future. Honestly, I was not a fan of how the love triangle ended. Let’s just say I would have preferred the author to go the unexpected route.

In the comments, tell me what sport of hobby did you find fascinating as a teenager. Don’t forget to share this post with others. And, feel free to follow my blog before you go.

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Barbie Girl // Book Recommendations For Barbie

Hi Friends,
The Barbies movie is out! So, I thought it would be fun to give everyone’s favorite doll some book recommendations. These are books that I think Barbie would thoroughly enjoy.

Something From Tiffany’s by Melissa Hill
This is a holiday read that Barbie would find to be a great holiday romance. I mean, jewelry is a big part of the story, and being that Barbie is a major fashionista, I think that she’d be a Tiffany’s lover.
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The Do-Over by Lynn Painter
First off, the cover of this book is pink, and we all know that Barbie is a pink lover. Secondly, Barbie would love this fun, lighthearted young adult romance. The main character is usually so put together, just like Barbie, so I think she’d like seeing someone with a similar personality playing the rebel, for once.
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So This Is Love by Elizabeth Lim
Barbie has got to be a fan of Disney Princesses, right? Out of all the Twisted Tales books I’ve read, I think that the one featuring Cinderella would interest Barbie the most, since like Barbie she is hard working and kind.
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12 to 22: POV You Wake Up in the Future! by Jen Calonita
Not even going to lie – this book screams Barbie. It has tons of pop culture references, and is a modern day remake of a beloved teen film. Something tells me that Barbie would enjoy reading a new version of ‘13 Going On 30’. Even though the book might cater to a younger audience, it would be a book she’d read in one sitting.
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The Prince and Pauper by Mark Twain
I had to recommended this book, if only for the fact that I was obsessed with Barbie’s ‘Princess and The Pauper’ movie. However, I do think Barbie would enjoy this classic story of two look-alikes swapping places. She’d might even wonder if she has a double out there somewhere.

In the comments, let me know if you’re excited for the live-action Barbie movie! Personally, I think it’s going to be pretty cheesy and cringey, but a good time. Don’t forget to share this post with other book lovers.

Until The Next Chapter,

Rock Paper Scissors // Book Review

About The Book
Things have been wrong with Mr and Mrs Wright for a long time. When Adam and Amelia win a weekend away to Scotland, it might be just what their marriage needs. They both know this weekend will make or break their marriage, but they didn’t randomly win this trip. One of them is lying, and someone doesn’t want them to live happily ever after. Ten years of marriage. Ten years of secrets. And an anniversary they will never forget.
Buy The Book: https://amzn.to/3rATkPq

My Rating

I didn’t know what to expect when going into this book, but I had heard that it was a wild ride. In this book, we follow a couple, Adam and Amelia, that wins a trip to Scotland. This trip will either fix or break their already strained marriage. But, the couple soon realize this gateway might not be just for the two of them.

The book has an isolation setting plot, which I have learned that I’m not the biggest fan of. Yet, I think it worked well for the plot. The book is also somewhat of dual timelines. We get letters written to Adam by his wife, for each of their anniversaries. These letters help piece together what has lead their marriage to the breaking point.

Another interesting aspect is that Adam has face blindness. I had never even heard about the illness until this book, and it is very interesting. And, it really added another element to the story that was needed to tie everything together.

For me the plot was super interesting,= and the characters were written well. My biggest complaint is that the book was slow moving. I wanted it to be more fast-paced, and have things progress quicker than they did. But, I think that’s just my preference when reading thrillers.

“If every story had a happy ending, then we’d have no reason to start again.”

There were some twists, and the ending was shocking to say the least. I didn’t actually see the last twist coming at all. Maybe a more skilled thriller or mystery reader would have figured things out, but I was just along for the roller coaster that is this book.

I have heard from other people that Alice Feeney is a very hit-or-miss author, but I think that’s the case for a lot of thriller writers. It really depends on the approach they take with their plot twists and characters. However, the same could be said for pretty much all books.

Overall, I had a good time reading the book, and I’m glad that I finally got around to picking it up. If you like a good plot twist and isolation setting thriller, then I’d give this one a read. I’m for sure going to be reading more by Alice Feeney in the near future.

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Xmas Evil in July 2023 // To Be Read

Hi Friends,
I am doing another readathon! I know, two readathons in one month, who am I? I will be taking part in the ‘Xmas Evil in July’ readathon that will run from July 16th – 31st. This is a Christmas in July inspired readathon, which I am here for. There are only three reading prompts, so they should be fairly easy to complete.

Read a Holiday Book
The first prompt is simple enough and that’s to just read any holiday book. I am most likely going to read ‘All I Want For Christmas‘ by Maggie Knox. I read ‘The Holiday Swap‘ by Knox last year and loved it, so I have high hopes for this book. However, I might pick up ‘Tis The Season For Revenge’ by Morgan Elizabeth as well (or instead of) but I’m not sure yet.
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Read a Book Set During Summer
This is a no brainer, because my Libby loan of ‘You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight‘ by Kalynn Bayron should be coming in very soon. I have been dying to read this summer YA slasher, and the audiobook is very short. I love a good short book for a readathon.

Read a Mood Read
Obviously, I can’t actually pick out a book for this prompt since I don’t know what I’m going to be in the mood for during the readathon. Although, I still need to read ‘The Summer of Broken Rules‘ by K. L. Walther, which is my book club read for the month. And, with the readathon taking place during the last two weeks of July, it might be nice to get one of my last summer reads out of the way.

There you have my quick little TBR. I will be trying to complete the photo prompts over on Instagram, so if you are not already following me, you should be. Of course, I’m @Books.With.Bunnys on the social media platform. For more details on the readathon, you can visit @xmasevilreadathon on Instagram. Don’t forget to show my blog some love by hitting the follow button before you leave.

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